Geraldo Rivera Condemns ‘Freedom Convoy,’ Gutfeld Doesn’t Let Him Get Away With It

(Republican Party News) – If there is one person in the media who should have lost all of his credibility and relevance in recent years, it should most definitely be Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera, who had his heyday back in the 1980s, but just can’t seem to let go of the limelight.

According to the Western Journal, Rivera proved once again that he’s completely clueless when it comes to liberty, dropping some heavy criticism of the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, which consists of truckers protesting against tyrannical COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but fortunately, his “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld didn’t let him get away with it.

“On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the extreme step of invoking his nation’s Emergencies Act in response to the peaceful demonstration against Canada’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, The New York Times reported,” the report said.

The convoy of truckers has grabbed international attention as it continues to shut down Ottawa and most of the trade that happens between the U.S. and Canada.

“We cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue,” Trudeau went on to say in a speech to the nation where he announced the emergency powers declaration.

“These illegal blockades are hurting Canadians and they need to stop,” he stated.

The panel featured on the Fox News program “The Five” talked about the situation on Wednesday.

Gutfeld made mincemeat of Trudeau, referring to him as the “prime miniature,” and a virtue-signaling “ghoulish hypocrite.”

“But Rivera attacked the truckers’ protest — which he previously had called an ‘act of war’ by ‘thugs’ — and claimed it was actually curtailing freedom,” the report noted.

“You know what is not that popular in Canada … is this trucker, this ‘Freedom Convoy,’” he went on to say.

“What about the freedom of the homeowners to live in peace? What about the freedom of the shopkeepers to do business? What about the freedom of the auto workers to get parts so that they can put their cars together?” Rivera continued.

He then went on to accuse the truckers of stripping away the rights of others in order to establish their own.

However, Gutfeld was in no mood to take this crap from Rivera and replied, saying, “What rights are they taking away?”

Rivera then replied by stating his earlier litany and then seemed to change gears, blaming the media for continuing to spur on the protest.

“It is conservative media that has gone from support to incitement,” he remarked. “These people are violating the rights of others in Canada.”

“We’re not like you, Geraldo, which has a disdain for the working class,” he quipped.

“I am the working class,” Rivera replied.

Then Gutfeld dropped a huge bomb, saying, “In that Bentley, right?”

Rivera is reportedly worth $20 million. Kind of far removed from the average person who lives paycheck to paycheck, wouldn’t you assume?

You just have to love and respect Gutfeld for putting Rivera back in his place. Someone had to do it and he stepped up to the plate to do just that.

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