Get Woke, Go Broke: Salvation Army Faces Holiday Shortages After Telling White Donors To Face Their Racism

(Republican Party News) – Americans are downright sick and tired of the “woke” culture in which white people are inherently evil racist bigots and black and brown people are perpetual victims.

Corporate America went all-in on the woke theology with the implementation of Critical Race Theory indoctrination and training on the job. Seminars, special training classes and sessions, and online courses focused on CRT started popping up everywhere.

Despite the millions of Americans who oppose this leftist orthodoxy, there are no riots or protests. There are no staged demonstrations in the streets of America. No burning, no looting and no vandalizing.

The way in which Americans show their disgust for CRT in Corporate America is with their wallets. “Go woke, go broke,” is the saying and it rings true every time a company tries to force deranged leftist ideals on their employees and customers.

The Salvation Army is the latest organization to find this out firsthand.

In asking for more donations during the Holiday season, the Salvation Army instructed all white donors to “reflect on their racism” this year.

Doesn’t get much more woke than that.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Salvation Army released a statement refuting their request for white donors in response to major backlash.

They then removed their “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide on their website after a message last week told white donors to “sincerely apologize” for their racism and suggested that Christianity, on which the company has been built on, is institutionally racist.

The best part of it all, however, is the fact that the organization is now reporting that they’re experiencing a toy and donation shortage this year. Wonder why that would be.

According to a report by FOX13, the Salvation Army is “facing a shortage of toys and donations ahead of the holiday season, and urge communities to find a way to help.”

The report goes on to describe how desperate the Salvation Army now is after insulting a major chunk of their donor base.

“The nonprofit reports it gets 75% of total annual donations during November and December, and they are once again in need of support. That help can come in the form of an online donation at the virtual Northwest Red Kettle.”

“There are many reasons why both financial and toy donations are down this year, not the least of which is likely pandemic fatigue and concerns about employment and the future,” said Colonel Cindy Foley of the NW Salvation Army Division. “We are actually trying to provide food, shelter, toys and clothing to double the number of families we served last Christmas, and in the midst of the growing need we are seeing fewer people donating at our virtual and physical kettles.”

Of course, blame the so-called pandemic for Americans’ lack of interest in donating to the Salvation Army instead of the company’s morally bankrupt theology that they attempted to push on donors.

The organization isn’t just short on donations, they’re also desperate for bell ringers to staff their famous red kettles stationed outside of stores and shopping centers around the country.

The Salvation Army is going broke at the expense of others in need. What a shame.

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  1. Well, I’m absolutely sure they don’t want my filthy racist money contaminating their pure, angelic, hyper-Christian donation pot.


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