Get Woke, Go Broke: Salvation Army Pulls U-Turn On ‘Guidance’ For Whites

(Republican Party News) – Woke ideology is beginning to infect every facet of society, from entertainment we consume on a daily basis all the way through sports, education, health care, etc.

However, the more “wokeness” gets pushed down the throats of average Americans, the more folks awaken to the fact this bogus way of thinking is not only wrong, but is destroying the values our country was founded upon.

There’s a saying, “go woke, go broke,” and it’s something a lot of organizations and companies are having to learn the hard way.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the latest organization to get schooled on how much the folks in this country hate wokeness is the Salvation Army. Apparently, they were asking for white donors to reflect on their racism this year.

This went over like a lead balloon.

Over Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army released a statement that refutes the very claims they made concerning their racial demands.

“And now it appears the Salvation Army has removed its absurd “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide following intense backlash over a text last week that told white donors to “sincerely apologize” for their racism while asserting that Christianity is institutionally racist,” the report said.

If you click the link to the page, it appears it’s now broken and you end up getting this screen (screen shot here).

“As a result of the guide becoming public, donors and supporters across the country have been rescinding their support of the organization en masse, which prompted the Salvation Army to discontinue the guide pending ‘appropriate review.’ But despite removing the documents – for now – nothing in their statement indicates that they are going to back down from pushing woke ideology upon donors,” the report continued.

“In fact, it’s quite the contrary. The charity now attempts to shift the blame by claiming that nefarious individuals are making ‘false claims’ and misrepresenting the content to suit their own agenda, while simultaneously reaffirming the Salvation Army’s support for woke ideology,” GP said.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement, which was called “The Salvation Army’s Response to False Claims on the Topic of Racism:”

“The Salvation Army occasionally publishes internal study guides on various complex topics to help foster positive conversations and grace-filled reflection among Salvationists. By openly discussing these issues, we always hope to encourage the development of a more thoughtful organization that is better positioned to support those in need. But no one is being told how to think. Period,” the statement read.

“In this case, the guide ‘Let’s Talk About Racism,’ was issued as a voluntary resource, but it has since become a focus of controversy. We have done our best to provide accurate information, but unfortunately, some have chosen to ignore those efforts. At the same time, International Headquarters realized that certain aspects of the guide may need to be clarified,” it continued.

“Consequently, for both reasons, the [Salvation Army’s] International Social Justice Commission has now withdrawn the guide for appropriate review,” the statement said.

“The Salvation Army’s Alexandria-based leadership has created an ‘International Social Justice Commission’ which has developed and released a ‘resource’ to educate its white donors, volunteers and employees called Let’s Talk about Racism,” Central Nova News reported.

“It asserts Christianity is institutionally racist, calling for white Christians to repent and offer ‘a sincere apology’ to blacks for being ‘antagonistic.. to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community,'” the report continued.

There are consequences for spreading hate. Yes, that’s right. Those who push “wokeness” are the ones who are actually continuing to give life to racial prejudice and hatred, caring little for the fact that this is destroying our nation and pitting Americans against each other along arbitrary lines such as race and skin color.

Salvation Army people should feel ashamed of themselves.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. They, The Salvation Army, will never recover from their racism agenda of hatred of skin color, regardless of what color your are, you’re a human being first and foremost!!
    Those bells will ring, but nobody will ever hear or see The Salvation Army, in a humanitarian way ever again!
    For whom the bell tolls, not The Salvation Army anymore for me and many others insulted by the inclusion of every individual of a particular color are all racist!
    Goodbye forever!
    How’s that for immediate answer to your racist beliefs!

  2. I don’t give anything to the Disgusting , Disgraceful , Disrespectful Organization such as SALVATION ARMY. I’M
    not a Racist person but it ridiculous that this Organization
    has gone WOKE.

  3. I received Christmas gifts from the Salvation Army when I was a child. They will always be in my memory and heart in the Christmas Season. Every year I donate to their buckets as I leave the grocery stores. I refuse to penalize today’s children for the idiot thinking of those Woke administrators.
    The NFL has lost me as a viewer several years ago when the Baltimore Ravens stood for the British anthem and kneeled for ours. They are a business that I can do without, but today’s children should not be penalized for the stupidity of those who run the organization.
    Peace be with you all!


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