GOP Truck Driver Spends $153 On Campaign, Unseats Senate Dem

UPDATE: Edward Durr has been declared the winner in his race against New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney.

(Republican Party News) – We’ve been hearing a lot of good news about the gains being made all over the United States concerning elections heavily leaning in the favor of Republican candidates, like the victory of Glenn Youngkin in the state of Virginia, which is a total referendum on the failed Joe Biden administration.

According to a report from WND, New Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeney might end up losing his current seat to a conservative truck driver who allegedly only spent a total of $153 on his political campaign.

Folks, the left is big, big trouble. The Democratic Party might just be in its death throes. That means we need to continue to fight back against their radical agenda like we’ve been doing so we see more victories like the ones happening across the country right now.

“Edward Durr was leading by over 2,000 votes as of Wednesday morning, the New Jersey Globe reported. A defeat of Sweeney, the longest serving legislative leader in the state’s history, would cause a major rearrangement of New Jersey politics, according to the Globe,” the report said.

Durr has described himself as a “blue collar with a strong conservative belief.” He’s in favor of lowering taxes, which is always a winning position, and increasing fiscal responsibility, according to information gleaned from his Facebook page.

Apparently, Durr actually encountered Sweeney and challenged him to a debate back in October, but Sweeney declined.

“Durr has been critical of Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly Murphy’s decision to force nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, a decision which Durr says resulted in the deaths of 8,000 seniors in the state. He also says his opponent, Sweeney, spent 20 years doing little more than increasing taxes and the cost of living for New Jersey residents,” WND’s report said.

At the time the report from WND was written, the race between Durr and Sweeney was too close to call.

We’re witnessing, first-hand, the fall of the Democratic Party. This is why they are trying so desperately to utilize the coronavirus as a means of grasping power and wrestling it away from the American people.

If they don’t grab a hold of as much of it as they can now, the people will fight tooth and nail, taking their country back and preserving liberty for future generations. That would annihilate the left’s plan to destroy America and build a Marxist nightmare in its place.

This news should be a huge encouragement to those of us waist deep in the battle.

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  1. The Democrats and their pet media just don’t get it. They keep saying that they lost because Biden’s massive spending package wasn’t passed, and now they’re going to get on the stick and pass it so people will be happy with them. But they don’t realize that the spending package isn’t the problem . . . open borders for illegals, inflation, higher taxes, lost jobs, energy production cuts ands a loss of credibility in the international community after Afghanistan are the real problems but they never address those. Let’s work to continue to stick it to the Liberals in 2022 and 2024.

  2. Spot on Mikial! Let them keep preaching their far left programs and in 2022 we will take back both the House and Senate and name a new Speaker, (Republican), and new Leader of the Senate (Also Republican) and then we control both houses of Congress and we can quickly impeach BOTH Biden and Harris and the NEW Speaker will be named as President of the USofA! They will hold it until 2024 when we can vote to either keep the new President or elect Cruz, Trump, or some other very popular choice as President who will be a Republican Businessman like Trump and the US can once again get it in gear and become the Great Nation it is meant to be!

  3. Yes I did leave out Ron DeSantis on purpose as he is my Governor and I don’t want to lose him just yet. Let him become President when he chooses to run and not rush him.

    • That would be a hallelujah day to see Biden and Harris impeached. Wishing to see the whole radical liberal left be kicked to the curb as well. Omar should be sent back to Somalia and the rest of the squad be gone, maybe get jobs as picking up dog crap in the park… ha ha!! Your Governor Ron DeSantis is by far the best!! Florida is one lucky state. Kristi Noem of South Dakota is another awesome Governor. Now Virginia having Youngkin and Lt Governor Sears, I am starting to feel what happiness is again!!!


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