Government Watchdog: Biden Admin Plans To Forward Taxpayer Money To The Taliban

(Republican Party News) – A watchdog group has come out and revealed that the Biden administration has a plan in place to start tossing American tax dollars at the Taliban terrorist group without actually knowing how the money is going to be used.

Does this sound like a bad idea? Well, that’s because it is. Why in the world would our commander-in-chief and his cronies think it is a good idea to hand over money to a terrorist group that took over an entire country’s government, one that was previously involved in a terror plot against our country in the early 2000s?

“The Biden administration has laid out plans through the U.S. Treasury to open up the U.S. taxpayer dollars spigot back into Afghanistan,” Adam Andrzejewski of the group Open The Books went on to say in a video posted on the organization’s website.

“We run the risk of funding the world’s most dangerous foreign terrorist organization if we open up the U.S. taxpayer spigot through the Department of Treasury,” he remarked.

“On Friday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that freed up $7 billion in funds that were frozen after the collapse of the previous Afghan government, according to CNN. Half of the money could go to fund relief operations in the country. Half would be available to the survivors of 9/11 victims to fund litigation CNN reported,” a piece from Western Journal stated.

Andrzejewski then went on to say that there are a few basic steps that should be taken in order to justify any tax dollars being sent to the Taliban.

“It has to serve people who have real needs and we need an audit trail. When we secured the country over 20 years, we didn’t even have those things in place,” he continued. “Unless we learn from our history, we’re going to repeat it. If we’re using taxpayer money in Afghanistan, it’s going to be stolen,” he said.

“In a Jan. 13 letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinkin, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa and 15 GOP colleagues demanded to know how U.S. tax money is going to the Taliban. and the terrorist group known as the Haqqani network,” the WJ report stated.

That group’s commander, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is the acting interior minister for the Taliban government in control of the Taliban government.

“In December, the Biden administration announced it was easing some restrictions on aid to the Taliban government, according to The Hill, including by issuing general licenses to U.S. government and humanitarian groups to render assistance to Afghanistan without violating sanctions on the Taliban and the Haqqani network,” the WJ reported.

Ernst, along with her other colleagues are chomping at the bit to know why.

“We write to express significant concerns over the recent announcement from the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control’s (OFAC) on the issuance of General Licenses (GLs) authorizing the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars through the Taliban and the Haqqani network,” the letter read.

“While we agree widespread famine and denial of rights to Afghan women and girls are immediate problems to address with humanitarian aid and assistance, OFAC’s sweeping authorization risks too much U.S. taxpayer money flowing through the Taliban or the Haqqani network to fund an excessive, ill-fated, or wasteful list of services such as activities to support the rule of law by the Taliban, education exchanges in a country that now devalues education for women and girls, and endangered species research,” the letter went on to say.

The letter then goes on to charge that safeguards are lacking in Biden’s plan to toss away more money at Afghanistan.

“Furthermore, OFAC does not outline control mechanisms to ensure funds do not end up in the Taliban’s coffers. As these licenses stand, the Administration’s wide latitude and unclear enforcement mechanisms risk the American taxpayer funding the world’s most dangerous foreign terrorist organization,” the letter added.

Despite claims being made by the Taliban when the terrorist organization managed to take over Afghanistan last year that they would respect the rights of women, the letter revealed, “Taliban leaders are targeting women for beatings and killings and banning their free movement around the country.”

The letter then went on to point out that the lax controls being proposed by the current administration makes it “far too easy for the Taliban and Haqqani network to steal taxpayer money intended for humanitarian assistance,” the letter said.

“It set a deadline of Feb. 11 to get an answer to the total funding has been allocated to Afghanistan through the Treasury Department, how much the Taliban and the Haqqani network have collected taxes and fees, and total U.S. funding to Afghanistan since Aug. 31,” the report said.

Republican Sen. Rick Scott from Florida, one of the individuals in Congress who signed the letter, took some big shots at the Biden administration in a response through a Wall Street Journal report that was published on Friday concerning the detaining of an American citizen along with citizens from several other countries.

“Just one year into his presidency, Joe Biden has cemented his legacy as a failed commander in chief and incompetent leader of the free world. Six months ago, we all watched in horror as the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan left hundreds of Americans stranded behind enemy lines and 13 U.S. service members dead. To allow a terrorist regime to threaten even one American life is unacceptable,” Scott went on to say in a release published on his website.

“Not only are President Biden’s policies putting an American’s life at risk, but right as reports are showing that the Taliban has held an American citizen in custody since December, President Biden’s response is to dole out $3.5 billion back to Afghanistan,” he continued.

“Being the president of the United States means stepping up – but Biden has failed to do so at every single moment it was needed since he took office,” Scott commented.

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