Hard Evidence: Duplicate Ballots Finally Exposed In Fulton County, Georgia

(Republican Party News) – There is now undeniable, indisputable proof that the 2020 election was stolen from the American people and President Trump.

There have been a landslide of allegations from around the country and naturally they all seem to be concentrated in Democratic strongholds, with the exception of Arizona.

In Fulton County, Georgia, the Democratic chicanery has been overwhelming.

As has been previously reported, Fulton County election officials at the State Farm Arena cleared out election observers on Election Night, claiming a water main break, and saying they were going to stop counting for the night.

Once observers had left, election officials pulled out suitcases of ballots from underneath a table and continued right on counting.

This is backed up on video and also in the video it appears that election officials are scanning ballots two and three times. Now there is actual hard evidence that this was, in fact, going on.

This would likely explain how Joe Biden managed to get 98% of the 23,487 batch of votes at 12:18 am.

There were numerous other allegations made by six hand count auditors regarding the fraudulent activity that went on during the election. They allege there were three boxes containing 100% Biden ballots and three other boxes containing 98% or more Biden ballots.

They also claim there were ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument used by a human but appeared to be marked with toner (screen shot here). There were ballots that were of different stock paper than other ballots. There were mail-in ballots that were void of any creases or folds and there were nine unsecured ballot bags.

On top of all of that, there were over 106,000 ballots adjudicated in Fulton County alone. That is a massive number of ballots to be flagged as supposedly containing “errors” and being in need of correcting.

On Tuesday, spokeswoman for President Trump, Liz Harrington, revealed hard evidence that ballots in Fulton County were, in fact, being double and triple counted.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik weighed in, pointing out that this is evidence of voter fraud despite the left’s vehement claims that there was no fraud.

Harrington also pointed out that the double and triple counted ballots were just simple mistakes by showing that there were also 7 falsified audit tally sheets.

It’s pretty clear that there was fraud happening on a massive scale in Fulton County, Georgia. Will the lying Democrats and their sycophant media lapdogs ever admit the truth?

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Things are about to get interesting.

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  1. Today in TEXAS the Auditor’s found 74,000 Mail-Ballots that had not been delivered without Postage on them . They were
    NEVER EVER sent out in the MAIL. And With NO return Address on them.

  2. Well, we all knew they were lying. We knew it when Dominion said they would do whatever it took to “make certain” that Trump did not become president. Dominion has been bought and paid for by the Chinese who said if the company wished to continue in the tech business, they would need to defraud the 2020 election process.

  3. Yes We all Devoted and True Americans know very well what went on with the voting. The only ones denying that any Fraud took place during voting are the DemoncRats. How in the world did The Cellar Dweller came out a winner for the presidency is the Greatest Lie and Cover Up of all time,,,Disgracing America to it’s fullest! GOD STILL BLESSES AMERICA..and you can take this to the Bank!!! “THE LIES ONLY LASTS UNTIL THE TRUTH SURFACES” an soon very soon…….

  4. President Trump needs to be reinstated quickly. The Biden/Harris administration is ruining our country. Inflation has hit hard and many people can’t afford to go grocery shopping. They are still bringing in illegals and spreading them out over the country. The taxpayers are paying for all the Biden ridiculous ideas and all the care, airfare, clothing, hotels and busses that are taking the illegals everywhere. Trump would not have allowed that and he will set it all straight when he is reinstated as the LEGAL President of the United States. TRUMP 2020 and 2024!!!

    • Let’s not forget letting them in with cov19 and the military loading planes flying all over the US delivering them to many states!


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