Here’s How Buffalo Massacre Suspect Bypassed New York Gun Control

(Republican Party News) – We all know law-abiding citizens are the only ones who are hurt by strict gun laws. This was proven, yet again, Saturday when an armed gunman opened fire in a busy grocery store in Buffalo, New York, knowing that his victims would not be armed enough to stop him.

Not only did he know that those he was shooting at would not be able to stop him but he also got around the state’s gun control laws with just a few minutes work, as detailed in his deranged manifesto.

The 18-year-old gunman took responsibility for the shooting in a publicity-seeking document that he uploaded to the internet just prior to the attack. He is now being charged with first-degree murder after killing 10 people.

The shooter took steps to alter a weapon for the attack in which he specifically planned to shoot black people shopping at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo.

New York law requires rifles to be incompatible with detachable 30-round magazines. It’s illegal to own or sell them. The New York-compliant AR-15 used by the gunman originally had a bar in its magazine well that prevented the use of standard 30-round magazines.

The gunman simply drilled out the bar and installed a regular magazine release in the weapon. It took him just a few minutes and he had a much more deadly weapon.

The point is, the gunman had the intention to kill multiple people (a crime) and took steps to alter a gun to ensure it would be as deadly as possible (another crime). The gunman clearly does not care about gun control laws or any other law for that matter.

The people who do, however, fell victim because they follow the law and were totally ill-equipped to defend themselves against this madman.

The gunman advertised just how easy it was to modify his firearm in violation with New York’s ban on rifles, in his manifesto.

He even discussed why he chose New York as the place of the shooting and the state’s magazine ban. He explained how easily he got around the state’s laws and that he was taking advantage of the state’s strict gun laws that make it more difficult for residents to arm themselves.

He stated he felt more confident going to shoot people in Buffalo where he knew civilians wouldn’t be able to fire back with standard-capacity AR-15s.

He purposefully exploited how gun laws negatively impact law-abiding citizens while giving criminals with bad intentions the upper-hand.

New York’s gun laws all but ensured that the shooter’s victims would be outgunned and unable to adequately defend themselves.

A retired police officer who was working as a security guard at the store attempted to heroically return fire at the armored shooter Saturday but ended up being killed.

It is legal gun owners who obtain legal weapons to defend themselves and their families that end up the victims of criminals who have no regard for the law.

Yet, liberal New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is using the incident to push for even more gun control laws in the state, according to WXXI-TV in Rochester.

What in the world do these radical leftist think is going to happen if they continue to make it more and more difficult for Americans to arm themselves?

There have always been evil people looking to harm others for one hateful reason or another since the dawn of time. That’s never going to change. Liberals apparently want to empower criminals and leave law-abiding citizens defenseless.

They’re making no secret of that now.

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  1. This lunatic was wearing gear that police and soldiers have. They have to stop selling Kevlar Vests and Helmuts over the internet. This stuff should be reserved for professionals.

  2. An armed citizenry is highly effective and essential for a safe society. The more law abiding citizens understand how to defend themselves and others, the more protected the community is. The efforts being made to take away gun rights from American Citizens disgust me. These people really do want Americans at the mercy of criminals…….. what other explanation is there ? They have all the statistics and it is known that strict gun laws don’t work. States with responsible gun owners have less crime and it’s been proven. So what’s the real reason ? The answer is obvious.

  3. To Colleen- much the same as the comments on these blog sites should be reserved for “professional” journalists? Different inalienable right, same “logical”, “sensible” conclusion!!
    Become an independent thinker, not a lemming, following the “logic de jour” crowd.

  4. The mechanics notwithstanding and the ease of modifying a gun to make it illegal and ”more deadly” cannot be solved by laws. The solution, is to spend more time in schools and on the television promoting the idea that people including themselves have worth and that they, and everyone else have rights and are worthy of freedom from fear and violence……………………….OH ! Isn’t that what most legitimate RELIGIONS teach. I fear that if we don’t turn to religion and teach the LAWS OF GOD we are doomed to chaos until we do.


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