House Passes Massive Election Reform Bill Making It Easier For Democrats To Steal Future Elections

(Republican Party News) – Democrats don’t seem to think there were any problems with the 2020 election yet they just passed a massive election reform bill, HR1, in the House Wednesday night. Don’t be fooled, however. This bill does nothing to secure elections or restore the American peoples’ trust.

Though they’re calling it the “For the People Act of 2021” it’s really for the establishment swamp creatures. This bill ensures that Democrats will be able to rig all future elections just like they did in 2020. That’s why they’ve wasted no time drafting it and pushing it through.

For people who insisted the 2020 election was the “most secure” in US history, they’re sure moving quickly to completely overhaul our election system.

The vote was 220-210 with all Republicans voting against, as hard as that is to believe. Even the RINOs can recognize this bill spells bad news for anyone who isn’t a Democrat.

During 2020, Democrats used the COVID-19 ordeal as a cover to ease up on voting rules and restrictions and implement massive, restriction-free mail-in voting. Then they extended deadlines and took days and days after Election Day to count ballots until they had enough to win.

Now this bill ensures they’ll be able to do that and more in all future elections. Democrats know the majority of Americans support Trump’s “America First” agenda and instead of trying to actually work for Americans and earn our votes, they’re just going to steal our votes and our will.

They can’t win elections legitimately anymore and they know it.

Now that Democrats successfully stole the White House and the Senate, they’ve seen just how effective their underhanded tactics were and are pushing legislation through the ensure that ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, mass mail-in voting and extended voting periods continue in perpetuity.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a comment on Tuesday about the bill but it was just one big bold-faced lie.

“This is something that is enormously popular among the American people,” she started, which is an obvious and blatant lie. The American people do not want less secure elections. They want their votes to actually count.

“The American people want to reduce the role of big, dark, special interest money in politics, which is preventing so many good things from happening,” ironically it is the Democrats who have benefitted from “big, dark, special interest money” the most and that was especially true in 2020.

The biggest lie of all, however, is when she said that the American people “want to see an end to voter suppression.” There is no voter suppression going on in the United States. It’s just a big lie the Democrats use so they look more moral and caring but the reality is that “ending voter suppression” is just code for doing away with election security.

The truth is the overwhelming majority of Americans actually favor voter ID laws. Pelosi is a bold-faced liar just like all of her morally-bankrupt Democrat cohorts.

Meanwhile, on the state level, Republican-controlled state legislatures in 28 states have been fervently working to restore election integrity. Over 100 bills have been passed since the 2020 election to prevent future Democrat fraud.

Unfortunately, under the House’s HR1, control of election processes and systems would essentially be handed over to the federal government.

However, this bill will require a supermajority vote in the Senate where it’s split 50-50 and Democrats only have a simple majority if Kamala Harris is needed for a tie-breaker. It doesn’t look like this bill will go anywhere but it further proves just how depraved and anti-American the Democratic Party has truly become.

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