In Perplexing Move, Biden Administration Ends Program Targeting Illegal Alien Sex Criminals

(Republican Party News) – It’s become pretty clear that Joe Biden and his administration have literally only one policy and that policy is “orange man bad.”

Joe Biden has essentially done absolutely nothing for America and has spent the duration of his short time in office thus far simply undoing everything done by Trump. Literally, everything.

The leftist media sycophants are too busy still obsessing over their hatred of Trump and his supporters to care much about what Biden is doing and all Biden is essentially doing is single-handedly destroying America.

No big deal. Totally not worth any kind of scrutiny or criticism.

Biden’s latest Trump reversal has left many scratching their heads and wondering, “Why?”

Why, indeed, would Biden end a Trump-era program that targeted sex criminals living illegally in America for deportation?

The program was named “Operation Talon” and it sought out convicted sex offenders living in the US illegally using new tactics within law enforcement. It gave law enforcement agencies “new authority to match felony fugitive files with government records of current and former food stamp recipients.”

Joe Biden, in a show of support for illegal alien sex offenders, has canceled this program. What an “America Last” thing to do.

The move has sparked massive backlash. Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) spoke out against the decision Wednesday, saying, “Canceling this program makes absolutely no sense and sends the wrong message. If you are in this country illegally and have a history of sex convictions you should be a high priority for our law enforcement agencies.”

It doesn’t seem as though any illegal aliens are any kind of priority for Biden and his administration. Immigration laws have been made moot and our borders made arbitrary under Biden.

Buchanan added that “America should not be viewed as a sanctuary country for these criminals,” further asserting that “the administration owes the country an explanation for this decision,” and demanded it be reversed.

ABC 4 News reports that there is a growing coalition of attorneys general urging Biden to reverse the cancellation of this policy that served to protect American citizens, namely vulnerable children.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined the coalition which now consists of 18 attorneys general. Wilson stated that they’re working hard in South Carolina to fight human sex trafficking and sex crimes and that it “makes absolutely no sense” to allow convicted sex offenders to remain in the US illegally.

“These trafficking and sex crimes are repugnant to human decency generally and to children specifically,” Wilson added.

The operation was being run by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which is currently in grave danger of being completely abolished by the Biden administration.

This latest anti-American Trump reversal is not grounded in any kind of justifiable reasoning whatsoever. It’s purely political. It doesn’t hurt Trump, however.

It hurts American communities and our children.

Biden and his administration are totally sick and depraved. If they don’t reverse this decision immediately it only further proves that Biden is nothing more than a puppet for the deranged radical left who want to see complete lawlessness and chaos in America.

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