INSIDER: DNC Preparing For Virtual Convention

(Republican Party News) – The Democratic Party is putting plans in action to try and make at least a portion of their national convention virtual — doing it via the internet — in order to avoid the disaster that took place during the 1968 convention held in Chicago, according to a new piece from Politico Magazine. The main reason this is such a concern is because there are several significant parallels between that event and what’s happening right now, including the host city and the potential impact of anti-war protests thanks to the current conflict raging between Israel and Hamas, along with that between Russia and Ukraine.

CBS News reported earlier this month, “The U.S. Palestinian Community Network is one of more than 70 organizations involved in planning various protests during the four-day convention at the United Center,” which is scheduled to take place Aug. 19-22.

“The protesters have said they want to send a message to President Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders to do more to force a ceasefire in Gaza”, CBS divulged.

“Many feel the scenes of chaos brought by anti-Vietnam War protesters outside the convention in 1968 cost the Democrats the race,” Randy DeSoto of The Western Journal wrote.

“President Joe Biden’s top advisers are all too aware the ghosts of 1968 may haunt their convention here,” Politico’s Jonathan Martin penned in his post published Friday, “but they’re grappling with a pair of more urgent and thoroughly modern-day challenges as summer nears: How far can they go in reprising their virtual 2020 convention to mitigate the threat of disruption inside the arena, and how will they navigate a rookie mayor who unabashedly sympathizes with protesters?”

This was a reference to comments made by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson who remarked, “If there’s any mayor that understands the value of protest and demonstration, it’s me.”

Martin went on to add, “Trumpeting the success of their Covid-era convention four years ago, some in Biden’s orbit are aggressively pushing to make the 2024 conclave a hybrid production. That would mean in-person speeches from the president, party luminaries and rising stars to draw television attention alongside a mix of pre-recorded testimonials and videos from other parts of the country.”

The goal for holding a portion of the convention in the virtual realm is that it would minimize potential issues that could arise during a live program under these conditions.

“For example, Democrats might revive the pre-recorded delegation roll call from each state used in 2020 in part because it ‘means one less opportunity for hot mic spontaneity, and therefore disruption,'” DeSoto noted.

“If there is one peep in that hall, the networks will be all over it,” a convention planner stated to Politico.

“Another concern for Democratic strategists is the protesters’ ability to infiltrate campaign events,” DeSoto reported. “For example, pro-Palestinian demonstrators made their way into Biden’s glitzy Manhattan fundraiser in March, featuring former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.”

One protester who was at the event held in Radio City Music Hall shouted, “Shame on you, Joe Biden! You are funding genocide in Palestine!”

“There’s blood on your hands!” she yelled, before security booted her out of the venue.

Obama got testy with a few of the protesters in attendance, saying, “You can’t just talk, you have to listen.”

Others yelled curses and swears at Biden while waving Palestinian flags and held up signs slamming the president for supporting Israel. How insane is it that liberals are actually sticking up for radical Islamists, who would just as soon cut their heads off as to look at them? These individuals are incredibly stupid.

Joe Scarborough, a host for MSNBC, clearly sees the parallels between our current political climate and that of 1968.

“I can tell you the riots on college campuses, the riots at the Chicago convention in ’68, all of those things moved my family from being Democrats their entire life to being Republicans,” he declared this month after local law enforcement broke up an anti-Israel camp located on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles.

“I remember my parents asking, ‘What in the world is going on in this country?’” Scarborough recalled.

“If you’re offended by this, please, I’m trying to help you. I don’t want Donald Trump to get elected. Alright? I’m trying to help you. If you’re too stupid to figure that out, you can change to another channel because we’re sorting through this as a country, and this is not helping,” he pleaded with the viewing audience.

This is likely the reason that former President Donald Trump is working hard to position himself as the law-and-order candidate, as all of the chaos and lawlessness is making Americans crave those kinds of traits in leadership. They want someone at the helm who can get things back under control and Trump has proven he can do that. Let’s just hope he’s the victor come November.

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