INSURRECTION? Black Lives Matter Thugs Take Over Iowa Capitol (VIDEOS)

(Republican Party News) – Militant members of the radical left-wing group Black Lives Matter stormed the Iowa State Capitol in a bold move that if done by alleged Trump supporters would be labeled an “insurrection,” yet seems to be given a pass if the reason for engaging in such activity is motivated by pushing for the liberal agenda.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the individuals who participated in this insurrection forced their way into the building where they staged a “die-in” protest.

This merry band of insurrectionists actually planned this event and organized it on Facebook. Think about that for a second. If conservatives had used a social media platform to plan such an event, they would have had a visit from the FBI lickety split. But, again, due to the fact the BLM folks are helping to push a Marxist agenda, they get a free pass. The hypocrisy is nauseating.

A flyer was created for the event which stated that “Iowan politicians are passing racist and dangerous bills. They don’t think we’re paying attention. They’re wrong.” The flyer then went on to state “we need your voice to kill the bills. Be there and be loud.”

Many of the militants involved in the die-in were arrested.

How in the world can these people, with a straight face, pull this sort of crap after they sat and harped on alleged Trump supporters for performing a “violent insurrection?” They are doing the exact same thing here. Yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that the left-wing media in the United States will try to make these folks out to be Civil Rights style heroes fighting against injustice.

At the end of the day, this is a blatant display of hypocrisy. Usually the left tries to be low-key about their hypocritical tendencies, but they have been emboldened by the theft of the 2020 election and feel they can safely conduct their wicked behavior right out in the open without any concern of how it looks to the general public.

If the left wants to be taken seriously, then it’s time to be consistent. If they condemned the riots at the Capitol, they need to apply their standards across the board.

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  1. That’s what HARD LABOR in STATE PRISON is for (a.k.a. “chain gang”) is for. If they have ALL this time on their hands for CRIMINAL activity, USE IT! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. The country is being driven down the road the Democrats/Liberals want it to go, supported by their media/propaganda mechanism and by the foul Democrats in state and Federal government. For those of you who know Biblical references (Daniel 5:1-31) . . . the handwriting is on the wall. In that case it was the Hand of God condemning an evil empire, in the current situation, it is the evil empire trying to destroy the good in our nation.

  3. The left wants to be taken seriously, in its own way, which doesn’t require consistency of standards asked of in this article. The left’s own way demands we take them seriously out of fear, fear of their violence which they will be consistent about if we don’t give in to ANY demand they make, without question.

    But, we should show them we take them seriously the right way, by bringing the full physical force of the law upon them to whatever degree needed to physically subdue them under arrest for the full duration of the legal process of criminal justice.

    If it’s an insurrection, maybe that’s a military matter requiring more than cops. Maybe the armed forces are needed. Maybe the National Guard is enough. In an insurrection, maybe the armed forces, RIGHT HERE ON U.S. SOIL AGAINST U.S. CITIZENS is needed and proper, even morally proper. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s been done when needed and morally proper.

  4. BLM & ANTIFA the new KKK of the Democrat party. They are Democommie hypocrite organizations.
    One of the black Marxist co-founders of BLM just bought a 1.4 million dollar secured compound home in Topanga Canyon a mostly white (98%) Los Angelos suburb. The donations to BLM are being put to good use. What a scam; any individuals or corporations that have donated to these two communist organizations should be examined by psychiatrists.

  5. These stupid mothers need to get the crap beat out of the for
    attacking the Iowa State Capitol. They should be arrested and
    jailed as insurrectionist. How much are these fools getting of the
    1.4 million their Communist Leaders are pocketing for their actions.
    These fools have bought into a load of garbage and are doing the
    work while the three black women are living high off the hog. What
    a bunch of stupid asses the BLM thugs are. I guess they just love being
    nasty, loud and destructive. That is about all their actions are worth.
    More and more people are seeing them for the frauds they are and hating
    them more and more. One day these morons are going to meet some
    equally nasty resistance who are sick and tired of their pathetic behavior and they are going to come out on the losing end.


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