Insurrection: Mob Of BLM Protesters Storm Oklahoma Capitol Over GOP Bills Aimed At Protecting Drivers Fleeing Riots And Police From “Doxxing”

(Republican Party News) – America has devolved into lunacy and chaos. So many Americans have seemingly traded in rational thinking and common sense for emotional knee-jerk reactions and the lie that America is a hateful, racist country.

While the FBI and DOJ have come down hard on all Trump supporters connected with the “insurrection” at the Capitol back on January 6, it appears as though insurrection conducted by leftists is perfectly acceptable.

Radical leftist demonstrators stormed the Oklahoma Capitol building on Wednesday which resulted in the state House of Representatives to go into lockdown. Sound familiar? It should. It’s exactly what happened in Washington DC on Jan. 6.

When it happened in Washington, however, those involved were immediately labeled “domestic terrorists.” You won’t hear any Democrats or mainstream media talking-heads condemning these Oklahoma City demonstrators though.

The demonstrators showed up at the state Capitol to protest several Republican-backed bills including one that provides legal protections for motorists who are attempting to flee dangerous riots.

More than 2 dozen agitators flooded into the gallery on the fifth floor while the Oklahoma House was in session in the chamber below.

In videos of the incident, demonstrators can be seen and heard chanting, “Stand united against all hate,” and “We will use our voices to stand against corruption, to fight hate, to defend Black and Brown lives.”

It’s considered “hate” to provide protection for innocent motorists who just happen to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time during a riot? So, motorists should just be subject to the rage of the mob no matter how violent and dangerous things get?

There is just no more common sense among the left in America.

The activists called the bills they were protesting “anti-protest” and “anti-transgender” bills. Republican lawmakers control both the state Senate and House in Oklahoma but apparently the protesters aren’t too concerned with the will of state residents.

In one of the bills being protested by the unhinged activists, penalties for blocking traffic would be increased and protections would be afforded to drivers who unintentionally hit protesters with their cars while trying to flee.

Another bill would protect law enforcement and their families from being “doxxed” by the angry progressive mob. While yet another bill would preserve women’s sports in the state from being overtaken by males parading about as “trans women.”

During the incident at the Oklahoma Capitol, one protester got in the face of a lawmaker and engaged in a heated verbal altercation with him until a female protester pulled him away.

The male protester yelled at the lawmaker saying, “You’re a disgrace, you’re an embarrassment to the whole f—ing nation.”

“You are traitors, insurrectionists, seditionists,” another woman shouted as protesters trickled out of the gallery.

After Oklahoma Highway Patrol escorted the angry protesters from the building, a drug dog was brought into the chamber to ensure “nothing was left behind.”

This kind of behavior should not be tolerated considering how swiftly the hammer was brought down on Trump supporters on Jan. 6 as they attempted to protest a stolen and fraudulent US presidential election.

Talk about double standards.

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