Joe Biden Announces Woke New Direction For US Military

(Republican Party News) – The Biden regime is pressing forward with their crusade to have the wokest military in the world. On Earth Day, Biden gave remarks from Seward Park in Seattle, Washington and promised that the US will spend billions of dollars to make sure “EVERY vehicle in the United States military” is “climate friendly.”

How riveting. I’m sure America’s enemies are shaken to their cores imagining how tough the US military will be driving their battle-approved Priuses into war.

Whether or not these clowns actually believe their own nonsense, it appears that they’re taking Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s remark from last year, in which he said climate change is the biggest existential threat facing the US, very seriously.

Despite charging stations in places like the Iraqi dessert and the mountains of Afghanistan being scarce, no matter. Joe Biden will have his woke military if it’s the last thing he does.

After all, you can only imagine the severe damage military emissions is causing the environment. (Note sarcasm).

The Biden regime must be awfully sure they won’t be engaging in any wars anytime soon to be focused on such an insanely stupid plan.

Of course, we can only assume that by “climate friendly” Biden is referring to electric vehicle technology. Despite that it’s not even remotely a “clean” alternative to gas-powered vehicles, would they even be a reliable option in military situations?

Just imagine having to stop a convoy halfway to their destination for a recharging session. That could take literally hours. Not to mention the fact that charging stations are hardly just conveniently located around the world, especially not in war-prone areas.

When’s the last time you looked at an electric vehicle and thought that it looked powerful, intimidating, or capable of doing anything besides cutting down on the fuel bill? Biden thinks they’re going to design military vehicles capable of accomplishing military objectives while also keeping Americans safe?

It’s certainly fantastical and we get to foot the bill.

Our military, and country, would be much better served spending billions of tax dollars on adding ships to our Navy’s fleet, which is lacking, or additional airplanes. As of right now, we’d be no match for China, whose military is surpassing ours by leaps and bounds.

You can trust that they are not focused on gender-affirming military uniforms or environmentally-friendly military vehicles.

We shouldn’t be surprised, however, that these are the endeavors of our puppet-in-chief, after all, he’s been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Fox News, Joe Biden told the crowd in Washington, Friday, that “this moment of maximum threat and urgency.”

Biden went on, “You know, my view of this crisis, as I said, is a genuine opportunity, an opportunity to do things we wanted to do and only now become so apparent…”

“One of the things I found out as President of the United States, I get to spend a lot of that money,” he joked. “We’re going to start the process where every vehicle in the United States military, every vehicle, is going to be climate-friendly — every vehicle — I mean it.”

“The transition,” he said, is “going to matter.”

“We’re spending billions of dollars to do it,” he added.

After an awkward chuckle, he explained, “I’m an automobile buff. I have a ’68 Corvette that does nothing but pollute the air. But I don’t drive it very much.” This was a reference to his 1967 Corvette Stingray, as per The New York Post.

“You know that we know that we carry in heart and mind the image of the ideal place, the right place, the one true home. I just think this is the beginning of a new day and we’re going to just have to overtake the opposition.”

He added: “I really mean it.”

Never mind the countless crises created by Biden and his regime here at home and abroad. What this world really needs is climate-friendly military vehicles.

What a clown.

Copyright 2022.

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  1. To the “Commander-N-Thief”: I take my Global Climate Crisis ques from Bill and Melinda Gates’ who have a new $43 million Southern California Beach front Mansion and the Obama’s who after years of vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard, purchased a $14.8 million Waterfront Estate on an affluent island off the coast of Massachusetts and are currently constructing a multi- million-dollar multi residence ocean front estate in Oahu Hawaii. John Kerry and wife spent $11.75 million in 2017 for a sprawling estate on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard. The property includes more than 18 acres of land on which his seven-bedroom home sits, overlooking the Vineyard Sound. Al Gore and spouse Tipper laid down $8,875,000 for an ocean-view villa in Montecito, CA — one of several real estate holdings. So, if they are not worried about Global Warming… Why should we or our Military be?

  2. Biden is the biggest IDIOT roaming this country. He has no idea what Hes doing, and the people are the ones who are suffering and he doesn’t even care. Someone please tell me just why aren’t the republicans doing something instead of sitting on their duffs and getting paid for it. Its time we the people do something ourselves and that’s vote these IDIOTS OUT come election day. So everyone please get out and VOTE. If we don’t we aren’t going to have an America left because the democRATS are destroying our country day by day. This is just what these IDIOTS want to do and they prove it to us every day.

  3. Mr. Smith , These people U R talking about R nothing. More than MAGITS and PARASITES of the Infested FAKE Administration of Opie O’Biden.


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