JUST IN: Google Now Censoring ‘Facts’ On 2024 Presidential Election

(Republican Party News) – For many years now, conservatives have been made well aware of the political bias that exists within the largest technology companies in the world. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the largest of them all, Google.

Google has been busted in previous years for censoring alternative news websites for daring to cover stories or provide opinions that differ from the narrative being pushed on the American people by the mainstream media outlets, which have abandoned all vestiges of journalistic integrity, opting instead to become propaganda arms for the Democratic Party.

A new report from WND is stating that a website is claiming Google is up to its old tricks again, attacking one of its articles and trying to censor it for “no other reason than it doesn’t like the facts being reported.

The details of this situation come from the I&I website, which is the Issues & Insights home.

Officials for the site stated that they first noticed an issue because Google’s Adsense ad network had been removed from an article.

“What was the violation? According to Google, the article contained ‘unreliable and harmful information.’ What does that mean?” the site went on to ask, citing the Big Tech company’s demands that forbid content that “makes claims that are demonstrably false and could significantly undermine participation or trust in an electoral or democratic process.”

Two other disqualifiers for Google Adsense are content that promotes harmful health claims or that contradicts an “authoritative scientific consensus on climate change.”

In other words, if you aren’t sure that climate change is a real thing, and by “climate change” what we’re really talking about is the impact humankind has had on the planet, then your opinion is not welcome and they will silence you if you dare to share it. Seeing as how the science on climate change is far from settled, this is absolutely absurd.

“But this new article wasn’t about climate change. It wasn’t about COVID. It also wasn’t about election fraud. It wasn’t about the Jan. 6 riots. It wasn’t about anything controversial,” I&I then pointed out.

“It was an article about the results of our own monthly I&I/TIPP poll, which asked registered voters ‘who do you want to see run for president in 2024.’ We broke out the findings by party affiliation, and reported on the results. Which were that while 60% of Republicans wanted Donald Trump to run in 2024, a mere 37% of Democrats wanted President Joe Biden to be on the ticket,” the site continued.

It then worked with TIPP, “a highly regarded polling firm that has been the most accurate in every presidential election since it started doing that polling,” on the result.

“The leftists running Google might not understand this, but poll results like that are what we in the news business call ‘news.’ And reporting on news is what journalists do. The article even includes a chart showing details of the results of this poll, letting Google’s content police see for themselves that our reporting was accurate,” I&I added.

The publication then made an appeal to Google, which the Big Tech company promptly rejected.

“The only conclusion we can draw is that Google is now attacking content for no other reason than that it doesn’t like the facts being reported. By stripping ads from this article, Google is not only unfairly costing us money, it’s sending a message that if we want to work with AdSense we have to kowtow to their leftist standards. How many sites that depend more heavily on Google for revenue will start to think twice about offending the liberal Google gods?” I&I pointed out.

Folks, this is what censorship looks like. Google is working hard to ensure that individuals who have a conservative point of view, or who simply promote inconvenient truths about the important topics of the day, are silenced. They are in the pocket of the radical left, helping to promote propaganda designed to force the masses to swallow the socialist agenda.

It’s critical that we fight back hard against this sort of censorship, taking all legal avenues available to us in our country, so that we can preserve the God-given right of freedom of speech protected in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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  1. Gaggle,…. censoring Real Humans, huh???,…. hahahaha thats too funny, I have been censoring gaggle for years, and face plant and amazon,…. ad-Blockers ROCK ! and the stories gaggle wants to block? right click on them and read them in duck-duck go in a private window,….Same with viewing gun parts and supplies,…. duck-duck go rocks them,…. but the point of my comment was you can click with the other finger and still read the news, ALL OF IT, Secure Browser or search engine and private windows.


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