JUST IN: Rep. Greene Suggests Biden & Democrats May Have ‘Incited The Mass Murder’ In Waukesha

(Republican Party News) – Conservative firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, suggested on Monday that Democrats, along with media figures who spent significant portions of their time pushing the narrative that Kyle Rittenhouse was a racist white supremacist might have “incited the mass murder” that took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

This is a thought that has crossed a lot of people’s minds since the tragedy happened over the weekend. It’s good to see someone in Congress have the spine to step up and suggest that this might be the case and seek to hold members of Congress accountable for the garbage they spewed against this young man.

“After the widespread hateful reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict & dog whistle calls to radical BLM ground troops by the mainstream media, Democrats, and even the President of the United States, we must ask if they incited the mass murder in Waukesha, WI. Intentional homicide,” Greene went on to say in a Twitter post.

According to Infowars, Greene pointed out in a retweet that Brooks ended up killing more people than those who died during the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia rally, which the mainstream media still uses as inspiration for “white supremacist” talking points to this very day.

“Darrell E. Brooks was charged with five counts of intentional homicide for plowing his vehicle into a Christmas parade on Sunday, killing 5 people and injuring at least 48 others,” Infowars said.

“The media has been reticent to cover the developments of the story, including Brooks’ criminal and ideological history: he’s a Black Lives Matter activist who hated Rittenhouse and exhibited anti-white racism on social media, calling even for violence against elderly white people,” the report continued.

“In contrast to Greene’s statement, several other Democrats bitterly responded on social media to Brooks’ likely racially-motivated attack as “self-defense,” a jab against Rittenhouse’s acquittal last Friday,” the report added.

An Illinois Democrat, Mary Lemanski, actually resigned over now-deleted comments she made concerning the horrific attack. DuPage Democrats also had to put out a statement to condemn the woman’s remarks, calling them “incredibly insensitive.”

The way that many Democrats are responding to both the Rittenhouse verdict and the incident in Waukesha tells you everything you need to know about them and their belief system. It should be clear at this point that liberalism, especially today’s brand of it, is a mental illness.

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  1. My grandmother (God rest her soul) always sad “there’s no fool like an old fool” and she was right. Joe Biden can only repeat what MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and the Jehad Squad, The View says. I hope Rittenhouse sues the pants off all of them, just like Mr. Sandmann did. Paybacks are a bitch. And Gran said that too! She was very, very wise!


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