Kamala Harris Mocked, Claims Climate Is Causing Mental Health Illness Among Young People

(Republican Party News) – The climate change zealots on the left are totally unhinged and Kamala Harris is one of them. Somehow people are still inviting her to speak at conferences despite the fact that it’s nearly impossible to take her seriously.

Climate change alarmists are likely the only people crazy enough to earnestly embrace Harris who is easily the least popular and most disliked vice president in US history.

However, she shamelessly pushes the climate change agenda and for that, the so-called environmentalists are eternally grateful.

At a recent climate change conference, Harris made some truly off the wall remarks, giving Twitter users the opportunity to mock and scorn her.

At the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach, Florida, on Wednesday, Harris brought up the concerns of young people dealing with “climate mental health.”

Harris explained to those in attendance that she spoke to young climate change activists who told her that climate change concerns are affecting their mental health.

She used the term “climate mental health” as if that were a thing.

Harris stated, “One of the young leaders was talking to me about climate mental health. I said, ‘Tell me what’s going on with your peers.’”

Echoing the activist, Harris repeated the latest leftist lingo: “Climate mental health.”

She continued, “I said, ‘I think I can understand that, but unpack it for me.’ And she talked about how her peers are thinking about it.”

“One example is, you know, whether, when they’re ready, could they start a family — worried about what that would mean and the stress of it.”

She went on, saying, “They were talking about in terms of their peers trying to figure out, you know, they’re going to have to get a job and they’re gonna have to make a living — but what they can do and how can they adapt the education that they are having now to their activism?”

Utter ridiculousness. The irony is that it is actually Harris and her fellow climate change zealots that are truly causing “climate mental health” issues, if you want to call them that. Twitter users were quick to point that out and take Harris to task for her absurd remarks.

Heritage Foundation research fellow Delano Squire rebuked Harris for her anecdote, tweeting, “’Climate mental health’? We are being led by some of the most fearful, neurotic, and narcissistic people in history. Pack animals typically put those types way in the back. In this country, that dysfunction is part of their appeal.”

Earth science professor Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki slammed Harris and other climate activists as the ones stressing kids out with their alarmist rhetoric. He tweeted, “Climate alarmism is mental health abuse of young people. Many of my students also expressed concern about having children because the alarmists have convinced them the planet is ending. This will be the lasting legacy of climate alarmism.”

Anti-Biden/Harris Democrat Farrukh Shamsi cited the speech as further proof the Biden administration can’t run America. He wrote, “We have a problem in the White House. Biden and Harris have both lost the ability to lead.”

Travis County, Texas, GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak simply remarked, “These people are insane and fundamentally unserious.”

Anti-green energy activism group Power the Future founder Daniel Turner commented, “Kamala Harris is worried about ‘climate mental health.’ What about the mental health of laid off Keystone XL pipeline workers?”

Special comms adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz, Steve Guest, asserted the vice president is “just making stuff up here.”

Reporter Jim Stinson quipped about the young activist in Harris’ story, saying, “The main warning sign for a kid like this is the fact he asked the question.”

Leftists are hysterical about climate change and it’s truly scaring young children who don’t know enough to be able to recognize the BS. It’s the job of the sane, rational adults in this country to tell the truth and stop being bullied and manipulated by climate change alarmists.

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  1. It’s the Mebtally Ill Climate Chicken Littles like Biden, Harris and Greta “Pippi Ragestickung” Thunberg harping on about an Imagined but Unproven Threat that are causing more Mental Illness.
    This is what happens when you allow a group of Nitwits to control the narrative.


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