LEAKED VIDEO: Crazy Look In Hunter Biden’s Eyes…

(Republican Party News) – Hunter Biden would be a serious liability if his last name was Trump rather than Biden. It’s a good thing the mainstream media refuses to give any acknowledgement to the disturbing news being reported weekly pertaining to Joe Biden’s son.

If the media did their job and Democrats actually cared about immorality and corruption like they pretended to when Trump was in office (when they had to make-up scandals to be outraged by), Joe and Hunter Biden would be run out of town.

Instead, they’re protected and allowed to pretend like Hunter Biden doesn’t have some serious issues.

In a newly exposed video, a naked Hunter Biden can be seen smoking something and drinking White Claw while sitting in a dark bathtub and acting utterly bizarre.

The troubling video was obtained by The Sun from a group investigating Hunter’s notorious “laptop from hell.” It’s a difficult video to watch, proceed with caution.

This guy needs professional help.

Is he sitting in a sensory deprivation tank? It certainly looks like it. At least some kind of homemade version of one at any rate.

He proceeds to smoke what appears to possibly be a crack pipe in his strange home video.

When Hunter gets directly in the camera and stares into it, it’s truly chilling and bizarre. The creepy ambient music playing in the background doesn’t help make the scene any less uncomfortable.

What’s even more disturbing is that the video was reportedly filmed at a health spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in January of 2019.

This wasn’t even taken in the privacy of his own home. It was filmed in a place that focuses on health because apparently crack and White Claw are a recipe for health and recovery.

During this time, Hunter Biden was a patient of a celebrity psychiatrist who has since lost his medical license after being accused of malpractice. Seems like the perfect person for someone like Hunter to be working. It appears his therapy wasn’t going so well.

This is just one of several videos Hunter took of himself abusing illicit drugs. He’s also made plenty of videos featuring himself with prostitutes while enjoying drugs.

Drugs have always seemed to be an issue for Hunter Biden. They’re the reason he was kicked out of the US Navy Reserve after having secured an insider’s path to an officer’s commission.

He clearly has a serious addiction. It’s not like Hunter Biden is just some partying college frat boy. He’s a grown 52-year-old adult man who’s the father of five children. At the time of this bizarre video, he was around 49 or 50-years-old.

Despite the fact that the Biden family and their media lapdogs have insisted that the information from the laptop is either Russian disinformation or smear campaigns against Hunter, they clearly think it’s still a good idea for him to remain in the shadows.

Hunter did, however, make a rare appearance for the Fourth of July earlier in the week and joined his father on the White House balcony for celebrations.

Meanwhile, new texts and voicemails from the laptop continue to reveal the extent to which Joe and Hunter Biden have been financially involved over the years and just how much Joe Biden really knew about his son’s international business dealings.

They are one corrupt family and we have a feeling Hunter Biden’s apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

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  1. Our president is not legally responsible for his son. Still, Quid Pro Joe and his lifetime of excessive self-focus through public manipulation disguised as government service were undeniable factors in the creation of the ethical and moral tragedy named Hunter. The old saying “By their works shall ye know them” is as valid an observation about the Biden situation as noting that a motor vehicle irresponsibly driven into a crowd of pedestrians causes destructive misery that will negatively affect not only the individuals involved but many born and yet unborn for countless generations.
    As often as we note the sad negatives that are coming from Joe’s residency in the White House, we should be reminded that they were only made possible by the votes of Americans more easily influenced by toothy smiles and melodramatic speechifying than by a genuine commitment to serving others more fervently than rewarding a mirror-practiced self. What Hunter has made of his life is far less important to our national future than the consequences we’re dealing with because we gave his father the tools to try and make out of America what he made of the son who was born as flawless as most newborns are but who was then raised to be “Joe’s boy.”
    Let’s pray this Biden presidency ends before America’s still bright future does. And let’s resolve to cast our future votes for candidates of genuine substance instead of liberal narcissists infatuated with their egos and with getting their names into our history books.

  2. Hunter Biden is such a liability to this country. If we have to be subjected on a daily basis to all this sh*t this idiot videos of himself can you imagine the way he acted when he was in China. God only knows what they have on him and are holding over the idiot in chiefs head, Biden is so compromised it’s scary. I’m curious to know why Joe just sent China 950,000 barrels of oil out of our strategic oil reserve to a company in China that hunter is associated with. This is our reserve oil for OUR COUNTRY in case of an emergency and Joe Biden sends it to China! If that doesn’t make you wonder you are brain dead.


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