Limbaugh’s Producer Goes Public… Reveals Rush Story He’s Never Told

(Republican Party News) – According to new reports from WND, James Golden, the producer of legendary conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s infamous program, who goes by the nickname Bo Snerdley, recently revealed a story concerning how Limbaugh gave him a gift of $5,000 after he found out the producer was in some financial dire straits.

You won’t hear this from the liberal mainstream media who hated Rush with a passion, but he was well known for his many charitable endeavors and his generosity.

Golden then emphasized that the gift, which Limbaugh wanted to be kept between the two of them, came well before the talk radio legend became super wealthy and a famous name in the business, when he, the producer, was just “a black kid from Queens.”

In an interview conducted with Fox News host Tucker Carlson during his program, Golden recalled having to talk with personal creditors over the phone during his time at work. Limbaugh overheard one of these conversations.

“Hey, James, can you come back in my office?” Limbaugh went on to ask Golden at the time. “So listen, I don’t mean to pry, I don’t wanna get inside your business or anything, but I heard you on the phone. Is everything OK?”

Golden then told the radio host that he owed $5,000, which he stated is a lot of money to him now, and was back then too.

“Don’t sweat it, everything is gonna be cool, everything is gonna work out,” Limbaugh said to the producer.

“I get to work the next day,” the producer said during his conversation with Carlson. “I want you to keep I mind, this is before Rush Limbaugh signed any big syndicated deals, this is before Rush Limbaugh-the-multi-millionaire, this is before Rush Limbaugh-I’m-on-the-track-to-blazing-success – this is before any of that. This is before there’s a Bo Snerdley, because Bo Snerdley didn’t exist then; this was James Golden, this black kid from Queens sitting in the newsroom, who used to take Rush’s stories,” Golden stated.

“So, the next day, I’m sitting in the newsroom, pulling stories again – in the intercom, it’s Rush. ‘Hey, James, can you come on in to the office for a second?'” He recounted.

Golden then said he went into Rush’s office and shut the door behind him as he was instructed to do by the radio host.

“Rush has an envelope. He pushed the envelope to me, he says, ‘Here,'” Golden said.

“Inside it, there’s a check for $5,000,” Golden says, being overcome with emotion. “What Rush said to me was, ‘I don’t want you to tell anybody about this, this is between you and me; this is not a loan, this is a gift, because good things need to happen to good people once in awhile.”

“You’re making me emotional,” Carlson said to Golden. Golden had a few tears in his eyes too.

“Later in the interview, Golden said when Limbaugh revealed the news of his cancer to the radio crew, he apologized. ‘He felt like [he] let [us] down,’ the producer said,” according to the WND report.

“Tucker, he was one of the most exceptional human beings you could ever meet,” Golden commented on his dear friend.

“In February, Golden issued a statement of gratitude to Limbaugh’s supporters after the host was absent from the show all week. ‘Our prayers are with Rush as he continues to fight the illness he has been afflicted with,’ he tweeted. “We are still praying for a remission… Thanks for all of your prayers, kind words and wishes for our Rush. God Bless you,'” the report noted.

A week later, after Rush passed away, Golden wrote, “God bless you Rush. I love you. Always and ever.”

This is the kind of people we need to be, folks. Radical leftists paint us all up to hateful, evil, racist people, but that could not be further from the truth. Look at the example of Rush. Look at Glenn Beck. There are so many conservatives like these two men who are generous beyond belief with the wealth they have accumulated.

We don’t need the government to care for us. We can care for each other.

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