LISTEN: Country Star Tops Chart With New Anti-Woke Song

(Republican Party News) – Big time country star John Rich has a brand new single that’s burning up the charts, but that’s not the only waves it’s making. The track, which is called “Progress,” has a very clear message, and it’s really ticking off the radical left in our country, which makes it all the more glorious.

What is that message?

The vast majority of Americans don’t want what the left believes is “progress.”

According to The Western Journal, “One half of the successful country music duo Big and Rich, Rich has a clear message for President Joe Biden and the Democrats. From the very outset, the song is effective in delivering this idea.”

“There’s a hole in this country. Where its heart used to be,” Rich kicked off. “Old Glory’s divided, on fire in the streets.”

The report also revealed, “A music video released alongside the song shows images of leftists rioting in the streets as Rich sings, and the second line of the song takes direct aim at the Biden administration.”

“They say, ‘Building back better will make America great,’” Rich sings in the song. “If that the wave of the future, all I’ve got to say…”

At this point during the track, things pick up into an extremely catchy and unforgettable chorus, which just like the verses of the song, contains a not-so-subtle message.

“Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine,” Rich sings on the chorus. “Keep your big mess away from me and mine. If you’d leave us alone, well we’d all be just fine. Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.”

According to a report from Just the News, Rich’s message immediately resonated with the vast majority of regular Americans, as “Progress” hit number one on the Apple iTunes chart just a few hours after its release.

“While the song has now made its way to well-known platforms like YouTube and Spotify, Rich initially released it on Truth Social and Rumble, both of which have expressed a commitment to free speech,” the report from Western Journal said.

“Here I am with no record label, no publisher, no marketing deal,” Rich went on to say in a conversation with Just the News. “I just got a song that speaks to a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble pushed it out there. And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.”

Rich went on to reveal that he’s been afraid that record labels and Twitter — along with other leftist platforms like Facebook — might attempt to censor his song, so his choice of platforms was deliberate.

“When I’m talking about them shutting down our voices, I’m talking about Twitter and YouTube and Facebook,” Rich stated.

“And I thought, you know what, I’m gonna reach out to Truth Social and reach out to Rumble because they still allow free speech over there. Why would I launch this song on the platforms that I’m railing against in the lyrics?” he continued.

Rich went on to say that he is hoping the success that his song has enjoyed will encourage other artists to start marketing themselves on alternative platforms such as Rumble and Truth Social.

“I’m watching what I consider to be the dismantling of our country at a lot of different levels,” he continued. “And when you sit back and look at it, the vast majority of it’s being perpetuated on us under the banner of ‘progress.’ Like in the name of progress we’re going to send gasoline through the roof so you have to buy an electric car.”

The country music star then added, “In the name of progress, we’re going to let anybody and everybody into our country, and if that means we get overrun with fentanyl, and every other bad thing, well, so be it. Because that’s progressive: You need to be open-minded and open borders, in the name of progress. They target our kids in the name of progress, they do all these things that are actually the opposite of that. They’re regressive. They’re not constructive, they’re destructive.”

Rich then took an opportunity to chat about woke culture that has started to infect country music as it has many other genres, poisoning the well, so to speak.

“Here’s the problem with country radio,” he explained. “It’s not your DJs at the radio station. It’s not the people on the ground at the station. It’s the people way up the food chain that run the conglomerates that have bought up 90 percent of all of our radio stations.”

“Those people generally — there’s a few good ones in there. And when I say good, I mean, you know, lean conservative. They want free space, they want artists to be heard. But there’s a big [contingent] of them that do not like anybody bucking their woke system,” Rich added.

It was the wokeness Rich witnessed taking over his genre of music that inspired the message in “Progress” to be shared with the world.

“After touching on other issues including the border crisis, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, censorship and attacks on the oil and gas industry, the song ends by repeating the chorus. Meanwhile, clips of Americans joining together and smiling with one another under the lyrics suggest Rich believes there is still hope for America,” the Western Journal reported.

It’s about time conservative artists stood up and made their voices heard, reaching out to the vast majority of folks who are middle of the road but have been pushed further to the right by the insanity of progressives.

These folks are starving for a voice to represent their beliefs, their values, which is what our nation was founded on, and that’s the market that Rich has reached with his song. This is proof there’s a hungry demographic of folks out there looking for this kind of content. It’s time conservative creatives reach out and make that content.

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  1. Way ‘da go John!!! Outstanding!!! And so are you!! Couldn’t come at a better time than now. I hope your
    song goes viral nationwide and brings us all together with the same concerns and issues the way this
    country is headed due to the DC swamp and the others across the country that are promoting and
    spewing all this garbage in our schools and other places where it does not belong!! Keep it up my man!
    It will have so many listening ears. Maybe other artists will follow your lead!!! Once again nice job and
    keep um coming…….

  2. The song sounds good but because the far right piggybacked on the Republican party, some of the song reminds me of the radical right.
    The far right is no better than the far left because of Jan 6.


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