Look At Biden’s Face When WH Staffers Rush Reporters Out Of The Room

(Republican Party News) – There seems to be more and more evidence popping up by the day that indicates Joe Biden is suffering from some form of cognitive decline, despite the best efforts of the radical left to plug their ears and pretend that the rest of us can’t see what’s happening.

According to a new report from The Western Journal, Biden recently appeared to be rather disconcerted for a moment after a meeting with Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, on Monday.

During this meeting, Biden discussed the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine just before he touted his relationship with Sheik Tamim. He then revealed that he intended to designate Qatar, which is a small Gulf Arab country with a rather outsized financial and geopolitical influence, as a “major non-NATO ally.”

During questions asked by the media, Biden seemed to grimace in response. The press had been invited to the Oval Office for the president’s remarks after the meeting took place.

“What exactly spurred Biden’s uncomfortable reaction is unclear. Several White House press corps members were all shouting loudly in hopes of getting Biden to answer their questions,” the report said.

It’s possible that Biden was expecting questions to be asked concerning the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Currently, more than 8,500 troops have been put on alert to respond to the situation happening there, and yet another verbal slip up from Biden could have made matters more complicated than they already are.

“Whatever the reason, Biden clearly couldn’t hide his facial expression as questions begin coming in, and the press corps was herded out of the Oval Office during the exchange,” the report said.

According to this report, this follows an incident from January when Biden was caught referring to a Fox News reporter as a “stupid son of a b****,” completely unaware that the microphone was still on after a meeting of a White House council that was created to help fight inflation.

“According to a report from WND, Biden referred to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as a “stupid son of a b*tch” after the journalist dared to ask the president if inflation would be a political liability come November for the midterm elections,” the report said.

“CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter was among the individuals sharing the clip on Twitter, pointing out, ‘At the end of a Biden photo op, when reporters shouted Q’s hoping he’d respond, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked, ‘Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?’” the report added.

“Biden then attempted a little deadpan, replying: ‘It’s a great asset—more inflation. What a stupid son of a b*tch,'” the report continued.

The constantly cranky attitude of Joe Biden and his awful disposition should really be a clue that the man is not okay. Biden needs to submit to a cognitive test to assess whether or not he’s actually fit for duty or not. Many have a sneaking suspicion he’s not.

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