Major Political Donor For Joe Biden Just Got Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison — Guess What His Crime Was

(Republican Party News) – A top political donor and successful L.A. businessman just received the news that he’ll be spending the next 12 years of his life behind bars after making illegal campaign contributions to President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a few other deplorable left-wing politicians.

According to Gateway Pundit, a ton of unsealed court documents reveal many photographs were taken of Imaad Zuberi with major liberal politicians like then-Vice President Joe Biden. He also is in hot water for apparently selling off access to big shot political figures for millions of bucks in foreign cash. This guy stinks to high heaven of corruption.

Reports indicate that Zuberi made some six-figure donations to the Obama-Biden presidential campaign back in 2012 and then again to Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Donald Trump back in 2016. The Associated Press notes that a spokesperson for Biden has come out and stated that he had zero knowledge of Zuberi’s activities when the met, which was mostly at donor roundtables.

Right. Sure. Just like Crazy Uncle Joe didn’t have anything to do with Hunter Biden’s Chinese business deals either.

Zuberi, who is a Pakistani-American, pleaded guilty to charges of campaign finance violations, lobbying American officials while working as a foreign agent, and tax evasion. Of course a guy like this wouldn’t pay his taxes. Why would that surprise any of us given his track record?

After all, liberals think only us pleebs in the middle class should be paying taxes, which just so happen to fund their salaries.

An investigation by the Associated Press also discovered the whole straw donor scheme in which Zuberi sold access to powerful politicians for millions of dollars in foreign money. Nice little side hustle, right?

Zuberi was ordered to pay $16 million in restitution along with a $2 million fine by District Judge Virginia Phillips, who was appointed to her position by former President Bill Clinton.

“I’m deeply sorry and, of course, humiliated,” Zuberi said to the judge. “I have no excuse for what I’ve done.”

Zuberi will be reporting to prison on May 25.

Well, it looks like this guy will be spending some of his best years behind bars as he’s currently 50 years old. The corruption of the Democratic Party is boundless.

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  1. When will Pelosi get fired and removed from her career as political deadbeat on the taxpayer’s dime!! She doesn’t serve our country, but NANCY!


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