Message From Above? Bird ‘Poops On Biden On Live TV’

(Republican Party News) – You know you’re an atrocious commander-in-chief when even the birds can’t stand the sight of you. In what many are calling a sign from the heavens above, Joe Biden received a special “gift” on Tuesday when a bird pooped on him during a televised speech.

I have to say, it couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving guy.

Biden was in Menlo, Iowa delivering a speech on the first stop of his administration’s “rural infrastructure tour.”

Right as Biden said, “It’s not hyperbole. It’s about being made in America,” a bird apparently dropped a present on his left shoulder, right near the neckline of his blazer.

As you probably already guessed, footage of the incident has already been making its way all over social media.

“Look closely. It 100% looks like a bird just pooped on Joe Biden. Lmfaoo,” Greg Price of Philadelphia posted on Twitter.

The sign from the heavens is doing God’s work by uniting Americans all over America with classic online reactions such as the following, provided for us by WND:

-“It’s a sign 😂”
-“Literally a sh** show.”
-“Or what’s left of brains spilling out of his ear.”
-“Everyone’s a critic.”
-“It was #Putin.🙄”
-“A new national bird.”
-“I wish it had been a bald eagle.”
-“Looks like the bird’s aim was a little off there.”
-“It’s a nice garnish for the verbal diarrhea pouring out of his mouth.”
-“An omen from the gods.”
-“Even the bird knows he’s full of cr**!”
-“Insurrection! We must ban birds.”
-“God has the best sense of humor 🤣”
-“The bird did what all of America wants to do.”

A report from The Western Journal noted that Biden only seemed to be slightly fazed by the bird’s aerial assault, going on with his speech after a quick glance at his left shoulder. What’s really funny is that the venue where Biden was speaking, the POET Bioprocessing facility, was an indoor space.

“However, the building was big enough that a brave aviator could infiltrate the defenses to deliver his cargo. In his speech, Biden delivered a series of excuses for dismal gas prices in the country. He also announced a new policy to allow the sale of higher-ethanol gas this summer, according to The New York Times. However, the gimmick is unlikely to save American drivers more than ten cents a gallon at the pump,” the WJ report said.

With Joe Biden unable, or perhaps more likely, unwilling to provide some kind of policy solution to help relieve high gas prices, the Biden administration is still desperately attempting to point the finger at Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, for all of our energy woes.

“In a questionable twist, none of Biden’s handlers helped him to wipe off the white bird strike from his navy blue suit,” the report continued.

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