MLB Launched Boycott Against Georgia Hosting All-Star Game, Just One Day After Expanding Their Deal With Communist China

(Republican Party News) – Major League Baseball, the professional organization that supposedly represents “America’s pastime,” has jumped the shark and decided to go full on woke this year, something that’s going to send true patriotic fans of the sport into a downward spiral of depression and disappointment.

For a long time, baseball seemed like it was the one professional sport that would hold out against wokeness, but alas, they have fallen.

The MLB, according to Gateway Pundit, has recently decided to expand its current contract with Tencent, a Chinese firm that has major ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The announcement concerning the expansion was made on April 1st.

Then, just one day later, Major League Baseball decided it would move the All-Star Game out of the state of Georgia due to the state’s leaders passing a brand new election law that requires folks who want to absentee vote produce a valid photo ID.

MLB officials stated that they feel this particular law is undemocratic. So it’s not “undemocratic” to present a photo ID in order to buy alcohol, or go to a rated-R film, or something of that nature, which in the long run, is unimportant, but it’s totally undemocratic to prove your identity when voting? This doesn’t pass the smell test.

“Major League Baseball had extended and expanded its contract with a Chinese telecommunications giant shortly before boycotting the state of Georgia over the league’s disagreement with the election reforms recently enacted by the Peach State’s democratically elected governor and legislature,” The Epoch Times said in their report.

“Chinese state media reported on April 1 that the MLB will continue to be aired on the streaming platform operated by Chinese tech giant Tencent, which has significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Tencent is of the Chinese companies that had temporarily dropped NBA games as a form of censorship after former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey spoke out in support of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong,” the report continued.

“On April 2, the day after the announcement of the Chinese deal, the MLB moved its annual All-Star game out of Atlanta, Georgia, in response to a set of election reforms signed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp last month,” the report added.

This stuff is just getting completely bonkers. It seems there is no corner of society and culture where we can retreat to get away from the madness of politics. The left has infiltrated the entertainment industry, professional sports, the government, etc. Is there nowhere that’s safe from liberal poison?

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