MLB Superstar Wears Shirt With A Message For Biden

(Republican Party News) – Not all heroes wear capes. In today’s politically volatile environment it can be a real act of courage for celebrities, such as professional athletes, to openly promote their political beliefs.

San Diego Padres third baseman and five-time MLB All-Star, Manny Machado, has officially let the world know where he stands by wearing a shirt during spring training with a clear message for Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, he made headlines for a reason completely unrelated to his baseball skills. In a photo posted to Twitter by KUSI-TV in San Diego, Machado is seen during spring training in Arizona, smiling in sunglasses but all the attention was focused on his t-shirt which read “Let’s Go Brandon.”

As you are no doubt well aware, the phrase skyrocketed to popularity after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to convince the world that the crowd at an Xfinity Series race in Talladega, Alabama, won by driver Brandon Brown last year was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”

In fact, the crowd was chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” as a means to express their frustration with the Biden regime.

“As you can hear, the chants from the crowd: ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’” she said.

After this interview, the world relentlessly mocked Stavast for trying to deceive Americans but also the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase was born and the rest is history.

Now, MLB superstar Machado is sporting the phrase on a t-shirt and what could be better? Machado is clearly sending the message that he is frustrated with the destruction being caused by Biden and his regime and social media users were quick to voice their support.

“Manny Machado is the only man who can save Major League Baseball,” conservative author Nick Adams wrote.

Other users said they had a newfound appreciation for the 29-year-old from Miami after the picture surfaced.

Of course, the shirt also bothered leftists who literally live to be bothered. Tony Cornejo whined, “Can’t get over manny machado wearing that shirt. There’s political differences but that phrase is aligned with tr*mp and his delusional, white supremacy loving, domestic terrorist cult. Sadly, a lot of padre fans are embracing this cuz they also believe in an alternate reality.”

It sounds like Cornejo is the one living in an alternate reality where things are better under Biden and where Biden is the legitimate president. It’s always so entertaining to see leftists accuse American-loving patriots of “believing in an alternate reality” when they are clearly completely out of touch with it and totally delusional.

We applaud Machado for taking a stand against the Biden regime with his shirt. It’s much safer for professional athletes to avoid politics altogether so it’s important to show support for them when they take a stand for America.

Let’s go Brandon!

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