Mother Of Four Who Kept Capitol Protesters From Breaking Windows Now Faces 55 Years In Prison

(Republican Party News) – A single mother of four daughters, Victoria White, is a true patriot at heart, having volunteered with the Trump Victory campaign, helped to organize the Back the Blue and 9/11 memorial events, is now being considered an insurrectionist by the liberal mainstream media.

According to Gateway Pundit, White went to Washington, D.C. from her home located in Rochester, Minnesota on January 6th to hear former President Donald Trump speak, and then happened to find herself in the middle of the chaotic events that transpired that day, altering the course of her life forever.

Right after the former president’s speech concluded, White made her way over to the Capitol building along with thousands of other people. Then, as things began to take a turn for the worse, the single mother found herself trying to stop two people from breaking a window.

She told the two individuals that participating in that kind of behavior was unpatriotic and wrong. White has maintained that she herself did not vandalize any property or hurt anyone, stating clearly that was something she was trying to prevent.

The FBI actually admitted in their own report that a video exists showing “an individual who appears to be WHITE (wearing the same red cap and black coat as seen on WHITE’s Facebook page) is seen arguing with other rioters who were attempting to break the glass. In the video, WHITE can be heard yelling at the individuals attempting to break the glass and she physically attempts to pull them away from the glass.”

“I tried to stop those two people from breaking the Capitol window because when we go to see the president, we don’t go there to do stuff like that. That’s not patriotic. We don’t do that,” White told the folks over at conservative media platform Gateway Pundit.

“According to her charging documents, the FBI is claiming that White had attempted to grab an officer’s shield. Their big smoking gun against her, she says, was actually just an attempt to protect herself from getting hit with it or forced into it by the crowd — not trying to hurt anyone,” the report said.

The chaos ended up leading to an incident in which a police officer struck White in the head with a metal baton. She then responded to the officer by reminding him that he swore an oath to the Constitution and what he was doing wasn’t necessary.

White says the officer responded to her comments by calling her a “b-tch” and proceeded to hit her over and over. The third strike that landed caused a bleeding wound on her head.

On April 8, federal agents surrounded her home and arrested her while her daughters were still at home. White was released not long after, but is now not allowed to leave the state until her trial. She is currently being charged with six offenses that could potentially carry a sentence of 55 years in prison.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that the Biden administration is trying to tear apart the conservative movement by using fear and intimidation through their targeting of innocent people in the siege on the Capitol.

Did you ever dream you’d see something like this in this country?

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  1. I think this is just not fair but nothing the Democrats have done is fair. We need some well balanced people in politics who will see injustices like this a right the wrong.

  2. Sincerely hope and PRAY that there is a GOFUNDME or some such fund to help this woman. Perhaps a trial will expose those whose attempt to silence those of us who see through this attempt to kill the Conservative movement for what it is – truly FASCIST, anti-American, neither what should happen nor should be allowed. Again – what about those so-called “anti-facists” in Portland, other places who are in fact harming people, attempting to murder people, destroying public property? Why are THEY not being hunted down and prosecuted? Somehow this MUST be turned around!

  3. she should get a lawyer and sue the police man that hit her till she was bleeding. She did not have a weapon of any kind and so the officer was in no danger from her. there is a law against such as that. If the video shows her as she says then she was not guilty of anything except being a Trump Supporter and trying to protect the capital building . Which by the way does belong to the American people. Not to the Senate or the House it is only their offices and such. I would never condone what went on there but you can’t blame it on the Trump people just because the rioters who came there posed as Trump supporters did the rioting and the damage. the News people and Democrats have no right to blame anyone with out proof and not circumstantial things either just to get at Trump and his supporters. You know that Pelosi was probably all up in the middle of it more than likely, she may hate Trump, but more then that she fears Him.

  4. 80 million people voted for a guy who couldn’t get 10 to show up at his rallies. Today, he’s a ghost. The fix is in; voting will never be honest again, ever. The Supreme Court will be packed with liberal judges, meaning you will never have recourse in any court if you are harmed by government. America is over and so are your constitutional rights. It was a good run.

  5. I hope that this miscarriage of justice is stopped. The FBI has been proved
    to be in the pockets of the Left and they are railroading a innocent woman for the benefit of the corrupt Democrats who most likely staged this entire dramatic fiasco. It would be nice to see a little legitimate police work done by the FBI. They have not shown themselves to be particularly reliable. Looks like the Obama era was more damaging than we realized. Our FBI seems to have hit a all time low. When they break into homes in the middle of the night for no good reason and arrest people for political reasons does not leave a good impression of the FBI.


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