MSNBC Warns Viewers: “Patriot” Is Hate Speech — Be On The Lookout For Online Groups That Use The Word

(Republican Party News) – We are living in a strange time in American history. It’s now become cool and hip for individuals to hate on the flag and label it a symbol of racism. The National Anthem has been deemed to be offensive. And apparently, the word “patriot” is now a code word that is used by hate groups.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

According to a new report put out by the Gateway Pundit, Dan Patterson, an MSNBC tech reporter, has warned the network’s viewers to be on the lookout for hate speech like the word “patriot” being used online. According to him, a very dangerous group of individuals use his term.

This is truly alarming. Mainstream media outlets are working around the clock to help the radical leftist movement in the United States create a narrative where folks who love the Constitution and work toward preserving liberty are now the bad guys. If you are a “patriot” you are a potential threat to the left.

In fact, radicals on the left are now trying to get folks to spy on their own families. The FBI is encouraging American citizens to rat out their own families and friends by “learning how to spot suspicious behavior.”

“Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI,” the FBI stated last weekend.

The bureau then went on to outline what they say constitutes suspicious behaviors that you need to watch out for in a lengthy 32 page document.

“For example, the FBI views “retweeting or linking to violent extremists” as suspicious behavior,” a GP report said, adding, “Violent extremists = QAnon followers and MAGA grandmas.”

“Most of the behaviors listed below perfectly describe BLM and Antifa terrorists, however, the FBI totally ignores their terrorism and focuses only on MAGA grandmothers,” the report continued (screen shots here and here).

If this doesn’t have you seriously alarmed, then you aren’t truly thinking through the implications of what’s happening here. Our own government, under the sway of powerful Democrats, is trying to tell average Americans to basically become informants who taddle on true American patriots as if they are dangerous terrorists.

The left is trying to silence their opposition and they are using a false narrative to paint up conservatives as evil people who are looking to hurt anyone who doesn’t agree with them. In reality, we only need to look at Black Lives Matter and Antifa to see who the real villains of the story are.

Pray hard, folks.

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  1. American Patriots aren’t Democrats they don’t tell Lies and turn on there own like Democrats do . Who would listen to Fake News unless you like listening to Lies.

  2. I am a Patriot, I am a Veteran, and YES I am a threat to the Dumbocrats because I will never ever give in to their way of thinking and will make a point of calling them out every chance I get. And if there ever is an uprising against them then you can count on this old lady to be right in the middle of it supporting it all the way. A little revolution can be a good thing when it comes to preserving a free and Democratic America and our rights given to us by our Forefathers that certainly had more sense than the idiots in DC now

    • It’s great to hear that there are still “Patriots” out there who haven’t lost their minds! Lately all you seem to hear are a bunch of sheep who support the new Communist Biden rule! God Bless!!!!!

  3. Patriot, patriot, patriot!!!!! Lol! oops, you’d better lock me up and throw away the keys now! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! A bunch of brainwashed millennials!

  4. Wow! I am a Vietnam Veteran who volunteered to join because of my Patriotism and love of the United States of America. I enlisted in the US Navy for four years and went into a Classified Rating where I had to go through an intensive background check to be cleared to see this information. The name of my clearance is actually classified but it is way above Top Secret. I even re-enlisted for 3 more years as we were still fighting in Vietnam. When we pulled out of Vietnam and Jimmy Carter forgave the draft dodgers and deserters I felt that they abandoned me. This Antifa and BLM and other groups are horrible and unAmerican and are traitors to our nation. When I left the Military I took a job as a Police Officer as I wanted to help those who lied in my community, and did just that putting my life on the line time and time again. I AM a Patriot and Love my Country and was very happy when Trump became President as he was just what this nation needed to succeed. Obama did many things wrong and put back race relation 75 years and not Biden is selling out to the Communists and radicalists and even more disturbing, to the Chinese. I am also not ashamed of my race. Both my parents were White so that I should turn out White was a certain fact of science. I have been friends with many, many Black men and women and I have even been good friends with people who happen to be homosexuals. I take people for who they are and what they believe in and not what some idiots say I need to think of them. I KNOW that right now we are on the wrong path and need to change back into a Government that believes in the Constitution and are on the Conservative side and believe in the Christian beliefs.


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