MUST-SEE: Photo Of Barron Trump Goes Viral

(Republican Party News) – A photo of President Trump’s youngest son Barron began trending on social media Sunday in which Barron is pictured towering over a smaller woman. While most people were politely surprised to see how tall Barron is, leftists used the opportunity to mock and ridicule Barron and the Trump family.

No surprise there.

The picture was shared by a Twitter account with the handle @TheBarronTrump1 on Sunday and has racked up over 29,000 as of Monday.

According to Snopes, the photo was originally taken during a Mother’s Day celebration in May 2021, but it was this Father’s Day that the picture gained widespread notice on social media.

Most people remarked on how tall and healthy Barron Trump is and even congratulated the Trump’s for having such a healthy son. One of these people was author and Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness President Nick Adams.

“President Trump should be incredibly proud of his youngest son, Barron Trump,” Adams wrote. “He’s a VERY tall young man who looks more and more like his father with each passing day.”

New Spirit Revival Center pastor Dr. Darrell Scott also had kind words about Barron.

“Since Barron Trump is trending, I will say this,” Scott wrote. “That kid is COOL as heck, and STRONG as heck too. #MyBuddy”

Unfortunately, Trump Derangement Syndrome truly brings out the worst in people and there were leftists who took the opportunity to disparage the Trump family and Barron himself, who is still just a child.

“Barron Trump keeps growing in an effort to get further away from his dad,” one user mocked.

Another unhinged leftist went on a full-blown tirade over the picture claiming Barron is not “off limits” just because he is a minor and seemed to revel in insulting him simply because of his name.

“Barron Trump is a pre-scumbag,” the user wrote. “He’s not off limits, since Chelsea Clinton and Sasha and Malia Obama weren’t off limits. How do I know he’s a pre-scumbag? Easy – mom’s a tone-deaf mail-order bride, dad’s a scumbag soon to be in jail, and none of the other kids are decent humans.”

Of all the Trumps, Barron has done nothing to deserve any kind of mockery. He’s just a child and has been kept out of the limelight as much as possible by his parents. He is certainly very tall but that is no reason to mock and disparage him.

Leftists have never been able to control themselves enough, however, to leave Trumps’ youngest son out of their scorn and hatred towards his family. They truly do not care that it’s really wrong and inappropriate to attack children for political reasons, or any reason at all, for that matter.

The left is completely unhinged. TDS is real and it is affecting millions.

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  1. Scum will always be scum. I can’t get over he will keep growing because he’s not 18 years old. This kid is gonna be 7 feet tall. Seems like a nice young man. Hope he stays far away from politics and finds meaning in his life. (not the NBA). Good Luck Barron

  2. Great looking kid Let’s all hope he has a chance to grow up in a free society and recognizes the real God given human rights as the founders and our Christian leaders, ministers, priests and rabbis have put together the words from our God to live our lives and show them to the world that will remain free.
    May Barron live his life understanding these rights and the meaning from God. May Barron learn the difference between freedom and Constitution and globalization, socialism and dictatorship.

  3. The critic is not in any way a picture of health. Specs, looks fat with bloated face and as his face is the only picture of him, he must be short, 4ft nothing. Go down on your knees before health, wealth and happiness AC.


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