WHERE DID THESE 173,104 LOST VOTES GO? Liz Harris Talks On Bannon’s War Room About Arizona Canvassing Efforts

(Republican Party News) – Liz Harris just made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room program where she went on to discuss the canvassing project she was a part of in the state of Arizona.

According to Gateway Pundit, the canvas was performed by a grassroots group of true American patriots. This group of individuals does not accept donations and they are not in any way affiliated with the audit happening in Maricopa County.

During the canvassing, the group did not ask voters who they cast a ballot for. Everything they did as part of this project was above board, 100 percent legal.

Democrats actually do this sort of thing all year in the state of Arizona.

The project has been going on since last December.

“1) 34.23% of people who were recorded with no vote said they had voted. Where did these “lost votes” go?” The report stated, adding, “2) 96,389 votes came out of addresses where the mail-in ballots could not have possibly been cast by the person that the vote was registered to. Where did these ‘ghost votes’ come from?

Seth Keshel, former Army intelligence captain, summed it best by stating that the numbers in the Arizona election cannot be certified with the number of lost or stolen votes sitting at this level. The numbers are demonstrating a substantial amount of fraud with attempted contact of over .5 percent of the voters in Maricopa County.

“Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers and State Rep Mark Finchem both called for decertification of Arizona’s fraudulent election just after this was said on War Room,” GP said.

You can also read the report below:

Possible Secretary of State candidate Rep. Mark Finchem is joining forces with AZ state Sen. Wendy Rogers in demanding electors be decertified for the state in the wake of this canvassing project and how it has proven election theft did indeed happen at an astounding level, according to another report by GP.

Here are a few tweets from Finchem that sum up how he feels about the previous election after hearing these results from the canvassing efforts in Arizona:

Sen. Rogers has been calling for a decertification of the state electors for quite awhile now, but the evidence that has been presented from the canvassing efforts have proven that she, along with many other conservatives, have been right about voter fraud from the beginning.

The American people have already grown tired of dealing with Joe Biden, especially after the disastrous troop withdrawal in the country of Afghanistan. We all know Biden is not our real president. That title belongs to Donald Trump, who was cheated out of a second term due to election theft.

Just how sick of Biden are Americans?

Well, over the course of the last weekend, at football stadiums all over the country, people in the crowds shouted ‘F-you!’ To Joe Biden. That says it all, folks.

“You can’t fool the American people. And if you think about Joe Biden, he’s been propped up by the Fake News, Big Tech, and the fake suppression polls. But at the end of the day they can only prop up a fraud so much. And nothing says 81 million votes like spontaneous ‘f-you’ chants breaking out in stadiums across the country. The American people know he didn’t get 81 million votes and when they see the deadly, devastating consequences of the preventable deaths of 13 of our best and bravest in Afghanistan, when they see what’s happening on the border, when they see what’s happening with inflation, our energy independence just given away, the American people see the devastating consequences of a fraudulent election,'” Harrington said.

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