MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell Pulls Ads From FOX News (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – Outspoken conservative Mike Lindell, the founder of the MyPillow company, has decided to pull all of his ads from the Fox News network this week after the once right-leaning company has refused to run advertisements for his election integrity conference coming up in August.

According to Gateway Pundit, Lindell’s event is currently scheduled for August 10-12. Lindell himself has promised to provide definitive answers about whether or not widespread voter fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell is currently offering a whopping $5 million to any attendee who can prove that the cyber data gathered by the CEO is not valid.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it looks like to be a fighter, someone who will stand up for what they believe, no matter what the left tries to throw at him. We need more conservatives like Lindell to take up the fight and try to educate people about what really happened last November.

Earlier this year, GP reported that Lindell managed to draw a very large crowd to a “Frank” event that was focused on free speech. Over 250,000 people watched the event online. Joe Biden, the man we’re supposed to believe was the largest vote-getter in the history of our country — couldn’t even get people in cars to come to his rallies. And that includes after he became the Democratic Party nominee.

Here’s a quick look at Biden’s audience during a speech on the campaign trail.

“Last night, the Left’s biggest nightmare, who appropriately made a fortune by helping people to sleep better, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, held his first-ever rally to continue with the kick-off of his free speech social media platform, “FRANK” at The LIVE rally was watched by over 250,000 viewers on The live event was also broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting (RSB) and OANN,” the report said.

“The dishonest media, who fears Mike Lindell almost as much as the Democrats fear his truth, mocked him for low attendance at his first-ever rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Brannon Howse, a familiar face on “Frank Speech, organized and produced the event. In addition to private security for Mike, who’s been under constant threat since he began his fight to expose voter fraud, Mitchell, SD Police provided security for rally-goers at the free speech event. With literally no advertising, Howse estimated that last night’s event drew an astounding 2,500 supporters,” the report continued.

“Lines of American patriots wrapped around the building to show their support for one man who valiantly continues his fight to expose voter fraud in the November 2020 election in the face of abject evil,” GP’s report said.

The stadium itself was packed full of people who traveled from as far as North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee and more (screen shot here).

See the difference in attendance? This should be a big morale boost to patriots who are feeling like they are in this battle for liberty and free and fair elections all alone. There are many others who believe as you do, so don’t give up the battle.

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