Navy SEALS File Federal Lawsuit Against Biden

(Republican Party News) – Americans should never be coerced or pressured into doing anything that goes against our will. We are supposed to be free here in the US to live how we see fit, according to our conscience.

The federal government was absolutely not intended to serve as a mechanism to keep Americans “safe” from illness yet that is exactly what it has become. (Well, it’s the story the maniacal globalists are sticking with for now anyway.)

Somehow the Biden regime has become convinced they have the right and the authority to compel all Americans to get injected with the COVID-19 vaccines whether we want to or not.

Aside from the fact that this is just a blatant violation of our American freedoms and liberties, the vaccine genuinely conflicts with many millions of Americans’ deeply held religious beliefs.

Now, over 30 members of the US Navy, including several elite Navy SEALs, have filed a lawsuit against key members of the Biden regime for denying them exemptions based on their religious objections to Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in a US District Court, contends that the Biden administration violated the right of the unnamed Navy members, including 26 Navy SEALs, 5 Navy Special Warfare crewmen and 3 divers, by rejecting their Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of religion.

The list of defendants include Joe Biden himself, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro and the US Department of Defense.

The lawsuit asserts that the servicemen experienced retaliation and intimidation by the Navy after refusing to submit to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate despite filing religious exemptions.

The Navy even issued one order, “Trident Order #12,” stating that service members that refuse the jab will be “medically disqualified” from serving (screen shot here).

One of the main issues the plaintiffs have with the vaccines is the fact that they were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, which violates their sincerely held religious belief that abortion is murder.

“Plaintiffs believe that receiving a Covid-19 vaccine that was tested, developed, or produced using aborted fetal cell lines would force them to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs by causing them to participate in the abortion enterprise, which they believe to be immoral and highly offensive to God,” the lawsuit states.

The plaintiffs also raised issue with the fact that the vaccines introduce a foreign “spike protein” into the body which they believe is a desecration of God’s creation.

“In accordance with their sincerely held religious belief, multiple Plaintiffs carefully monitor what they take into their bodies, and they are compelled to avoid anything that adversely alters or may modify their bodies’ natural functions in a manner not designed by God…”

“The Covid-19 vaccine uses mRNA technology, which causes human cells to produce a spike protein they would not normally produce.”

The lawsuit also brings up the increased risk of heart complications following vaccination, “The Covid-19 vaccine has resulted in a statistically significant number of serious adverse reactions, including myocarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the heart muscles, and pericarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the heart tissue.”

The suit also cites comments from military whistleblower US Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, who “expressed her expert opinion that: ‘None of the…vaccines can or will provide better immunity than an infection-recovered person,’” and found “direct evidence exists and suggests that all persons who received a Covid vaccine are damaged in their cardiovascular system in an irreparable and irrevocable manner.”

In addition, several of the plaintiffs claim to already have natural immunity for previous infection and at least one claims they “experienced negative side effects from a previous vaccination, came to regret the vaccination, and came to see it as a defilement of his body.”

“Through prayer and reflection, this plaintiff has determined that receiving a Covid-19 vaccine similarly would defile his body,” the suit notes.

Every single American has the right to decline any medical procedure (COVID testing), device (face masks), or concoction (vaccines) they so choose according to their own personal beliefs and in line with our God-given, Constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms.

Medical tyranny is taking over America and we HAVE to fight back NOW.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. I stand with you all!!! And I’m DAMN GLAD YALL WILL BE STANDING WITH ME AND MY FAMILY!!!! God Bless us all in this time of tribulation????????????????????????

  2. The current regime should be sued for every mandate they try to impose as well as having every mandate ignored by massive non-compliance.

    Here’s a couple of words of wisdom we should throw up to those who would dominate us.
    “That government is best which governs least”. Henry David Thoreau

    And, here’s a few words that should strike fear in any freedom loving person.
    “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

  3. We Support all Military,Police,Fire,All Staffs at Hospitals and Clinics and everyplace that people work that disagree with the Poke in tbe arm..
    It is their body and their Choice Not the Governments position or any Employee to Force it upon any individual..
    This is a Free Country not a DICTATOR Country..

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