New Mexico Governor Busted: She Was Buying Groceries And Booze On The Taxpayer Dime!

(Republican Party News) – We all know that politicians, especially those of a liberal bent, are prone to taking advantage of American taxpayers and getting fat off the backs of hard working citizens, a group of individuals they have a tendency to take for granted. We’ve seen politicians use tax dollars to pay for all sorts of private things, like vacations, for example.

But have we ever witnessed a governor paying for their own groceries and booze using taxpayer dollars? Well, according to Gateway Pundit, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham just got busted for doing both. Yeah, that’s pretty crappy, right?

Grisham locked down her state pretty tight due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact her state was ranked 39th out of 50 for COVID cases. However, right after locking everybody down, she made a private call to her favorite jewelry store in order to make a purchase. Was she actually able to do this? Well, she’s a Democrat so what do you think?

However, she got caught and then immediately tried to change her story. But now she’s been caught trying to buy whiskey, tequila, and groceries with taxpayer dollars.

Records reveal that Gov. Grisham spent almost $13,500 during a six-month period last year on items like groceries, dry cleaning and booze. The booze purchase, from September, included $200 for five bottles of tequila, two bottles of vodka, two bottles of Merlot and single bottles of whiskey and gin.

The same report from local news outlets also reveals that Grisham was holding in-person staff meetings at her mansion while telling folks in her state not to mix households as a means of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Half of the $13,500 that was spent went toward food that fed the governor’s Cabinet members and staffers during these in-person meetings that weren’t supposed to be taking place at all.

So, the question now is whether or not Grisham will be held responsible for misusing taxpayer dollars and for violating her own lockdown orders? You can clearly see that the orders concerning the coronavirus are more about the struggle for power between Democrats and their constituents, rather than helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s time we hold all politicians accountable for wasting our money. This is cash we work hard to earn and have taken from our checks before it even lands in our hands. Those who abuse our taxes should be forced out of their government positions.

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  1. Maybe no one ever told you but they say Ultra Violet Lights ,kills viruses. Guess what one of the Suns Rays are?!Maybe that is why the sunshine states like Florida, and New Mexico and others have less covid virus than the states in lock down inside, no sun. You think about that and see what you make of it. If that is so then try going out in the sun see if it lowers you virus counts. look it up and see what you think.


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