New Report Reveals Hunter Biden Roomed With Notorious DC Homeless Woman In What’s Described As A ‘Crack-Addled Version Of The Odd Couple’

(Republican Party News) – If you’ve ever wished that you could have more of President Joe Biden’s wayward son, Hunter, in your life, we have some good news for you. Apparently, Hunter Biden has released a memoir and it contains tons of drug-addicted strangeness that opens up a window into a troubled soul that is sick with corruption.

And to think, the weirdness in this book comes from a guy who President Biden said is “the smartest guy I know.” He must not know very many people.

A piece published by Infowars, says that there’s a portion of the book, right after the section where Hunter tells us all about how he used to smoke parmesan cheese because he thought it was crack, Hunter Biden admits that he was part of a roommate situation he called, and this is a quote, “a deranged, crack-addled version of The Odd Couple.”

Hunter’s book, “Beautiful Things,” came out on Tuesday.

According to the younger Biden, he once shared a living space with a homeless woman from D.C. who was named “Bicycles” and had seven kids, “one on death row, another in prison for life. She didn’t know the whereabouts of the five others.” Gee, sounds like a real classy woman, right? You can learn a lot about a person by the company they keep. What’s this little story tell us about Hunter?

“Almost anyone who lives or works in DC has at one time or another seen Bicycles–also known as Rhea, a homeless, middle-aged Black woman–weaving in and out of traffic or swerving around sidewalk pedestrians,” Biden wrote in the book.

Biden stated that Bicycles would often use her “piercing voice that can be heard a block away as she shouts for everybody to get the hell out of her way, which she does almost continuously.”

Apparently, Biden has known this woman for decades, buying drugs from her while he was attending Georgetown University during the 1990s. In 2016, Hunter once again started buying drugs from Bicycles and then invited her to move into his apartment. Probably hope to score some free drugs out of the deal.

“She commandeered the TV and only watched those true-crime shows, with the volume turned way up,” he stated in his memoir.

Hunter then noted that she “got mad when I left dirty clothes on the coffee table or spilled vodka on the rug.” How sad is it that a homeless drug dealer has more self-respect than the son of a former vice president and current commander-in-chief?

Folks, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You just have to read the book to see the kind of low-life Hunter really is. It’s a sickening, sad story.

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