New York Nurse Whistleblower: Recordings Show Children Given Possibly Botched Doses Of Covid Vaccine

(Republican Party News) – A brand new bombshell report from Infowars has revealed that a nurse from New York has come forward with a claim that a pediatric vaccine clinic administered improper mixtures of the coronavirus to kids and never told the public about it.

The whistleblower, who worked for two companies called DocGo and Ambulnz respectively, which were both contracted by the state, told James O’Keefe over at Project Veritas that workers weren’t properly trained to formulate the mixtures, which ultimately led to some patients, including kids, being given does of the vaccine with the wrong diluent.

“Moreover, despite the possibility of the diluent canceling out the vaccine, or inducing adverse reactions, the incidents went unreported to the public,” the Infowars report said.

”It is also unclear if any affected patients were ever notified,” Veritas stated.

Undercover footage that was captured by the whistleblower reveals a DocGo/Ambulnz worker talking about an instance where workers “improperly mixed the COVID-19 Vaccine with bacteriostatic water instead of saline solution.”

The video then goes on to reveal that nurses were worried the improper mixture “could cancel out [the protection of the vaccine] or have adverse effects.”

“Veritas reached out to a Pfizer representative, who told them they’ve not studied a Covid-19 vaccine mixture with diluents other than sodium chloride [saline solution],” the report said.

In another section of the video, Guy Banks, a supervisor for DocGo/Ambulnz, can be heard telling workers to mix the dosage properly (screenshot here), telling them, “Make sure it’s the right one [diluent]. Some people got the wrong one.”

The whistleblower then stated that she was told to “YouTube it,” when trying to figure out the proper mixture ratios, and went on to criticize the lack of training.

“On my first day there were no instructions about mixing the vaccine,” she stated. “I called the supervisor and asked, ‘how do I dilute this vaccine?’ He told me to ‘YouTube it.’ We were never given an in-service.”

The nurse then complained that the vaccine vial boxes did not contain inserts listing the ingredients.

“There’s no ingredient insert in the box of the vaccinations, so I cannot educate a parent on the vaccine which bothers me because that is my job as a nurse,” the whistleblower said during her chat with O’Keefe.

The nurse felt compelled to speak out about this particular experience because “The potential risk to children who received the botched mixture was so significant.”

“Meanwhile, DocGo President Anthony Capone told Veritas the company had no documented instances of bacteriostatic water being used as a diluent,” the report said.

Capone then added “that the footage could be describing ‘wrong stuff pulled from the shelves’ but ultimately replaced before vaccines were administered.”

Well, if you needed an additional reason to avoid getting this highly experimental vaccine, you can put this one on your list.

Children who are healthy shouldn’t be given this vaccine in the first place. Let’s hope some common sense prevails when it comes to this vaccine business.

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