Newsom Demands $110 Million In COVID Aid For Illegal Aliens

(Republican Party News) – According to new reports from WND, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is basically begging the federal government for a staggering $2.7 billion in emergency funding to help address the newest surge in COVID-19 cases, a move that would essentially provide an incentive for more illegal aliens to flood across the border into the state.

The vast majority of the money that Newsom has requested is set to be used for bolstering COVID testing and vaccination efforts for the residents of his state.

A $110 million chunk of the funding would also be used to “increase public health and humanitarian efforts at the California-Mexico border to keep migrants safe, including vaccinations, testing and isolation and quarantine services,” as well as expanding contact tracing, according to a news release that was put out last Saturday.

By making promises concerning testing, vaccines, and quarantine housing to all of those unvetted migrants who are continuing to flock across our southern border, Newsom is only encouraging more people to violate our nation’s laws and migrate here illegally.

Don’t forget that not even American citizens are guaranteed to have easy access to coronavirus tests and vaccines, thanks in large part to President Biden’s botched handling of the COVID pandemic.

Just to share an example with you, take a look at Democrat-run New York City, where people are actually having to wait up to four hours to get a COVID test.

As if the wait isn’t already bad enough, if you happen to be in NYC and you’re white, well, you might end up being forced to the back of the line.

“But if you illegally cross the U.S. border, you could be guaranteed access to coronavirus testing, vaccines and taxpayer-funded quarantine housing under Newsom’s plan,” the report said.

“It is a criminal dereliction of duty for Newsom — whose job is to ensure the safety of Californians — to incentivize foreigners to violate longstanding immigration laws by barraging the border and tying up taxpayer-financed state medical resources,” WND continued.

It’s also important to point out that along with this uptick in COVID cases, the state of California is also being ravaged by horrific crime waves, homelessness, and runaway inflation.

There’s a whole lot of fires burning right now, metaphorically, way more than enough to keep Newsom occupied, yet he’s adding more problems to solve by encouraging more illegal immigration.

“At the very least, if Newsom wants to prioritize illegal aliens over U.S. citizens, he should stop begging for federal tax dollars because none of us in other states authorized him to waste our collective money on people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place,” the WND report said.

“There were more than 1.7 million illegal border crossings in fiscal 2021 alone, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection — and that shocking number does not include the countless illegal aliens who weren’t caught by border authorities,” WND reported.

“Nothing about it is an accident, obviously. It is intentional,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson stated back in September. “Biden did it on purpose.”

“Why would a president do this to his own country? No sane, first-world nation opens its borders to the world. Promising the poorest people on the planet that they can have endless free, taxpayer-funded services if they show up and break your laws isn’t just stupid. It’s suicidal… Our system can’t handle this many destitute newcomers,” Carlson continued.

Back in 2015, Biden actually revealed the strategic purpose for allowing illegal aliens to flood into the country during his time as vice president.

“Joe Biden said it. To change the racial mix of the country. That’s the reason,” Carlson went on to explain. “To reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here and dramatically increase the proportion of Americans newly arrived from the third world.”

“And then Biden went further and said that non-white DNA is the source of our strength. Imagine saying that. This is the language of eugenics. It’s horrifying. But there’s a reason Biden said it. In political terms, this policy is sometimes called the great replacement — the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries,” the Fox News host concluded.

Time for Americans to open their eyes and see the truth.

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