No Coincidence: 47-Year-Old CNN/MSNBC Legal Analyst Suddenly Dies Weeks After Receiving COVID Vaccine

(Republican Party News) – By now you’ve probably made up your mind about whether or not to get the experimental COVID vaccines. If you haven’t, this article will surely make your decision easier.

These experimental COVID shots are downright dangerous and we have literally no way of telling what the long-term effects of them will be since we are the lab rats.

If you think getting the vaccine is going to magically make you healthy and immune from the COVID virus, think again. Not only are people all around the US and world still testing positive for the virus after the vaccine, people are suffering from other dangerous and worrisome “side effects” and even dying.

Imagine going for your COVID shots and ending up dead. Does that seem “safe and effective?”

That’s exactly what happened to 47-year-old liberal television personality Midwin Charles. She’s not alone, however, and her death shortly after the COVID vaccine is not an isolated incident.

After receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, Charles suddenly passed away. How can anyone really chalk that up to a tragic coincidence. She received the vaccine and ended up dying. Was it worth it?

Is the risk of these toxic and dangerous vaccines really worth the alleged benefit?

Charles lived with preexisting medical conditions such as asthma and a severe peanut allergy. She was even concerned about going into anaphylaxis shock when it was time for her to get the shot.

“I have a death-causing allergy to peanuts and wanted to have my Epi-pen with me when I got vaccinated in case I went into anaphylaxis shock,” she wrote. “Turns out my ‘insurance’ wouldn’t cover it and it’s $387????”

She received the first dose of the vaccine on March 1st but passed away just days prior to being scheduled to get the second. This is no coincidence. The vaccine killed her.

Days after the first shot, the CNN and MSNBC analyst posted on Twitter that she had “mild fatigue” afterwards.

Despite the fact that the vaccine proved to be fatal for Charles, she had relentlessly promoted them prior to her death. Of course, it’s impossible to know who is at risk of death from the vaccines. That is exactly the reason why they should be avoided.

In one post, she shared a picture of her mother getting the vaccine and said it “took weeks of convincing.”

It’s heartbreaking to think what her mother must now think about the vaccines that she was clearly hesitant to receive in the first place.

Irrational fear over a virus that 98%+ of people survive is causing Americans to flock to get these dangerous and experimental vaccines in the hopes that it will protect them. In reality, they are harming people and even killing some.

The total effects of these vaccines have yet to be seen and probably won’t for some years. Make no mistake, however, they are dangerous and anyone offering themselves up as a scientific guinea pig is playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette with their health.

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  1. NO WAY will I get THESE DANGEROUS KILLER vaccines! . . . My momma raised FOOLS but I’m NOT one of them. I THINK I have a LITTLE more sense than a cantaloupe. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. Let’s see … we get vaccines for the “Big Three – measles, mumps, rubella. Tetanus, rabies if bitten or scratched or contacted by a rabid animal. But those are all very contagious and very deadly. Why would we get rush “vaccinated” for a disease that kills less than .02 %, if indeed it is that high. They (the panic mongers) are piling on death count for postmortem COVID checks, even if they are from other reasons.

    • “Oh, I’m soooo excited. I’m going to get my second COVID shot tomorrow … and … and … arghakk … akkk …

  3. It is not a vaccine. It is like a flu shot. It does not inoculate or prevent diseases such as the polio or tuberculosis vaccine. It just minimizes the sickness, like a flu shot does. Wish they would stop lying to us.

  4. joeyP , U have been taken down as a Pattsie. Nobody has Dead every receiving the Vaccine for the Biden/Pelosi Virus.
    If they did Pass-On it was because of a Perceiving Health Problem.. I have had Both of My SHOTS and I have had No problems. I had One on Jan 17th, 2021 and My other One on Feb 25th, 2021 with NO side Effects. My Wife got her’s on the Some Day and she has had No Problems either. My THREE DAUGHTERS and their HUSBANDS got their’s Middle March
    and had No Problems and Now we are Awaiting for the Vaccines for My Grandchildren from 12 to FIFTEEN and for My other Grandchildren under to get their’s .But this VIRUS is Gonna be around for a very long time. And the New Virus that is in the UK now isn’t gonna to way anytime soon. Pay It Safe
    Don’t be a FOOL ????????????????

  5. My wife & I declined taking the vaccination and I’m glad we didn’t take it. (See the latest of the recent death of 47 year old (that had potential pre-existing health conditions). Both my wife and I have pre-existing health issues and we are still alive and breathing.


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