Obama Rages After Former White House Doctor Exposes Biden’s Dementia

(Republican Party News) – Joe Biden’s “presidency” is a dumpster fire. Not only did he illegitimately usurp the White House, he’s not mentally fit to hold the position. Biden’s cognitive shortcomings are like salt in America’s stolen election wound.

Everyone in the world can plainly see that Biden is not all together there. There’s simply no hiding it. He routinely loses his train of thought mid-sentence, forgets the names of people, places and offices, can barely speak coherently most of the time, wanders aimlessly and gets lost and embarrasses himself, and the US, regularly internationally.

He’s not fit to be president but don’t dare say that out loud. The left has a really hard time with facts.

When retired Navy admiral Ronny Jackson, who served as physician for three presidents including George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump, suggested that Biden just might need to undergo a cognitive exam, Obama reportedly lost it.

Nevermind the fact that Jackson administered the very cognitive exam he was referring to, to President Trump and Trump passed it with flying colors, scoring 30 out of 30. Obama was furious that Jackson “attacked” Biden with the suggestion.

The Washington Examiner reported on Jackson’s appearance on Rep. Jim Banks’ (R-IN) podcast during which he discussed an angry email he received from Obama when he brought up Biden needing to undergo the cognitive exam.

As Jackson recalled, he made the suggestion on social media back when Biden was still campaigning before the stolen election. Biden’s mental deficiencies were just as obvious then as they are now.

He said just 20 minutes after making the comment about the test, Obama emailed him and flew off the handle. Jackson said Obama “just tore me up.”

“An entire page about how disappointed he was in me and how it’s beneath me as a physician and beneath me as an officer in the military to be attacking Joe Biden like this. And it was a betrayal of the trust that he and his administration put in me and he was so disappointed in me and yada, yada,” said Jackson.

“It was unbelievable,” he added.

He noted that he was not diagnosing Biden but that his mental issues are quite obvious to himself and every other American who has been totally embarrassed on behalf of Biden.

Jackson noted, “This guy doesn’t know where he’s at, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he didn’t even know what office he was running for. It’s very obvious to everyone in the country right now that this guy’s got some cognitive issues.”

He said it’s obvious Biden has “age-related cognitive decline.”

“He’s not mentally fit right now. He’s 78 years old and you can see it. You don’t need to be a physician to look at him and look at his behavior and some of the other stuff, and just the way he shuffles, he stares off into space.”

He’s certainly right about that. You definitely don’t need to be a doctor to see that Biden has been checked out for quite a while. He shouldn’t be sitting in the White House. He should be sitting in a nursing home somewhere enjoying afternoon naps, early bird dinners and a rocking chair.

Jackson pointed out how he was merely giving gentle criticism of America’s top official but Obama’s response was to attack him for it. Typical leftist.

Jackson said, “I know what that job entails, both physically and mentally, and how demanding it is. And I can tell you right now, I’m 100% sure that Joe Biden is incapable of doing that job.” he said.

Jackson has been a consistent voice of concern over Biden’s mental state since the campaign trail. Even just a few weeks ago Jackson asserted that Biden didn’t even need a cognitive test anymore since it’s so painfully obvious he’s mentally unfit for the job.

“I think he’s proven to the entire country right now that he has issues and these issues are impacting our safety and our national security,” Jackson said in an interview with Just the News.

He said, at this point, a cognitive test would only “confirm what everybody in this country already knows is that he doesn’t have the competency and the cognitive ability to be our commander-in-chief.”

Jackson has called on Biden to resign and we think he should too, however, that would leave America in the hands of the most unlikeable vice president in US history. Can you imagine Kamala Harris being the president? Maybe we are better off with Biden.

After all, he’s just a puppet for the psychotic globalists who are really calling the shots.

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  1. Obuthead is as delusional as hidenbiden, if he thinks his buddy is playing with a full deck. He is totally unfit for the job, and has been the laughing stock of america and the world.He has been an embarrassment to America, and our allies, and has helped our adversaries, of china,russia,iran in every way possible,that’s why we need to get rid of traitor joe,and his corrupt administration.

  2. Whats wrong? Is Obama upset that he no longer has someone to hide behind when he directs the obscene and ignorant actions of the Leftists. He has been pulling strings and now his involvement in the destructive administration is going to come out and most likely crash on his head.

  3. The Muslim used to be president wants raghead incompetent joe in the drivers seat because obamma is the one steering the car. If the fake president disappears then he will have to deal with the ho and she has no brain either. The demonRATS really get upset when its obvious the president they cheated for has no brain left and that makes them look bad but we don’t have to look very far and see most of demonRATS are braindead.

  4. What Biden and Obama both deserve is to climb the steps to a gallows to pay for their crimes against this country. I don’t care if Slow Joe knows what that rope is around his neck for or not. He deserves it.

  5. Obama. Elected President partly because he’s half black, wow, what a qualification that is! Obama, the most divisive President in my lifetime. I actually voted for the idiot the first time, definitely NOT the second time. Just remember this. A couple of weeks after President Trump won, you can see Obama walking around smiling, shaking hands and strutting, all the while, Obama is deeply involved in the fraud, lying ‘Russian Collusion’ hoax. Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden and Obama, three of the worst in my 62 years.

  6. I don’t see why Obama should be upset that Ronny Jackson said Biden needs to take a cognitive test. After all, remember it was Obama himself that said…”don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to f*ck things up”. I think Obama knows Biden better than anybody for him to come right out and say that. Don’t forget, Biden was his VP for 8 years during which time, we have him on video threatening to withhold money from Ukraine unless they fired Shokin which was Biden’s Quid Pro Quo. He should have then been asked to step down and replaced by Obama.

  7. Nobody Really cares what the former divider in chief rages about, he personally said it several times when slojo was the V.P. and walked around with both feet in his mouth at most times,…. and several times during the campaign of slojo, and has said it since,…. Obummer was bad, Biden is worse, and nasty peeloser is worse still,…. as for kackling kamala * shudders* she is the biggest idiot to be allowed out of California mental agencies

  8. What this country needs is a Presidential Election in Nov. of 2022. The President, and the next two people in line to replace him are are NOT qualified to lead this country. The vast majority of the citizens know that. However, there is no recourse in the Constitution to correct this problem. We can not hold a vote of no confidence, backed by a Special Election.


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