Outrageous: Ottawa Policemen Knock Down, Arrest Man, 78, For Honking For Truckers (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – According to WND, a shocking new video has emerged from Canada showing a 78-year-old man being taken down and arrested by Ottawa law enforcement officers for daring to honk in support of the trucker convoy that is currently protesting against the country’s COVID vaccine and mask mandates.

The situation started when police officers stopped Gerry Charlebois a few blocks away from the enormous truckers’ protest of coronavirus restrictions the nation’s government has pushed on its residents.

Charlebois honked at a trucker and then proceeded to give him the thumbs-up sign.

Apparently, this action is a violation of a new order handed down by Judge Hugh McLean of the Ontario Superior Court, who ruled that no one could use “air horns or train horns” in that part of the city except for fire trucks, for a total of 10 days.

“The offense also requires that the person know about the order and it doesn’t actually mention ordinary electronic car horns,” the report said. “However, those details weren’t an issue when two police officers arrested the great-grandfather, who at 4-foot-10 was hardly a presence in the disagreement.”

Here’s the video of the incident. It includes very rough language.

“The Gateway Pundit commented that the arresting officer, identified only as Jones, insisted that honking a horn ‘is an offense,'” the WND report said. “The old man sustained bruises and cuts on his arms and hands, shoulder, and knee.”

One bystander had absolutely zero tolerance for the actions of the officer, going on to shout, “Yes, I know you’re abusing the old man. It’s called communism. You [old man] don’t have to show anything [driver’s license]. You didn’t do anything wrong. You have the right to freedom of choice. You have the right to beep your horn or whatever.”

The officer then stated that he had it “written down” that honking the horn of a vehicle is an “offense.”

Charlebois spoke with the Toronto Sun and stated he meant no trouble, he just wanted to give a trucker a “thumbs up and a honk.”

The man was given a $118 ticket for “unnecessary noise.”

However, the father of four, grandfather of 11, and a great-grandfather of four, stated that he would always remember the takedown.

“I’m so sore,” he said.

“The Ottawa Citizen noted the judge found people ‘have a right to protest various things,’ but said the noise could cause irreparable damage,” WND reported.

“Tooting a horn is not an expression of any great thought,” the judge went on to claim. He stated the public is already well aware of the protest, so there’s no need to take any kind of action to draw it to their attention.

“The noise ruling came in a case brought on behalf of a resident, Zexi Li, 21, who reportedly measured the noise in her apartment at 80 decibels,” the report said.

“A lawyer from the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom, Keith Wilson, represented several trucker defendants and said the protest was a matter of free expression, and his clients weren’t necessarily involved in any noise,” the report continued.

He went on to refer to it as a “spontaneous grassroots phenomena that started in Canada and is now spreading around the world in response to what we’ve all had to endure for the last two years. It’s an effort to end that harm and that hardship.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has put the protesters on blast, claiming they have desecrated war memorials, taken food from the homeless, and flew racist flags.

Trudeau recently stated in parliament, “I know people are tired, but we’ve seen it through the various [COVID-19] waves and their receding over the past months [that] these pandemic restrictions are not forever, but we have to make sure that our shared values and the idea of Canadians being there for each other, supporting one another, respecting each other, that has to be here to stay.”

He then whined that the truckers were negatively impacting the lives of fellow Canadians with their protest.

Toronto Sun columnist Brina Lilley responded by stating that the comment was like “pouring gas on the fire.”

This is the kind of government our own leftist nut-jobs want to install here in the United States. Which is why so many patriots stand up and make their voices heard on these seemingly small issues. The small issues lead to very big ones.

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