PA County Appoints Top Prosecutor To Look Into Dominion After Voting Machines Mislabeled GOP Ballots

(Republican Party News) – The Luzerne County Council majority voted on Wednesday to appoint the county District Attorney’s office to open an investigation into Dominion after the company’s voting machines mislabeled GOP ballots during last week’s primary election.

Gee, there sure seems to be a lot of “errors” coming from Dominion machines. Maybe we ought to stop using them and find some other way to do elections? You know, that doesn’t involve machines designed to steal elections for the Democratic Party.

It’s getting much more difficult for the left to hide their dirty tricks.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, County DA Sam Sanguedolce said, “Without integrity in our elections, the public cannot trust the remainder of our democratic process.”

“Councilman Walter Griffith proposed the DA election investigation request, citing an on-screen ballot mislabeling error and other problems that caused many voters to be “disenfranchised and concerned about the integrity of the election process,” The Times Leader said in their report.

“It was unanimously approved by all 10 council members present, with Linda McClosky Houck absent,” the report continued, adding, “County DA Sam Sanguedolce was not in attendance but said Tuesday night his office will investigate any allegations of potential criminal conduct relating to the May primary.”

Dominion Voting Systems has already been desperately trying to hide the truth about their machines and what they are programmed to do. They blamed “human error” for the mislabeling of GOP ballots during the primary held last week.

The ballots, which were supposed to be Republican, appeared as Democrat ones on the electronic screen at the polling stations. And, as usual, Dominion is trying to say this isn’t their fault.

“Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” Nicole Nollette, the executive vice president of operations at Dominion went on to say.

“These machines — their credibility is lost,” Election Board member Missy Thomas went on to say. “The system is compromised.”

The issues the county was having with the machines ended up causing many folks to get impatient and just leave without voting. Could that be part of the plan for Democrats too? Anything is possible, but we don’t know that for sure at this point.

“Luzerne County Director of Elections Bob Morgan says the issue didn’t originate here in northeastern Pennsylvania. He told us several times, it was a problem with coding in the voting machines,” another GP report said.

“It took us about probably five weeks. We gave a final product to Dominion. There is no evidence of any of this problem on the mail-in ballots which were produced from that file. We’re still working with Dominion to get an explanation as to how this coding error occurred. They were as surprised about it as we were,” Morgan stated.

More and more evidence is popping up in favor of there being shady business involved in the 2020 election and that this junk is still going on. Here’s to hoping the results from the audits happening right now will provide the answers we need to protect our election system.

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