President Trump Asks Who Killed Ashli Babbitt During Rally, Demands To Know Why Protesters From Jan. 6 Are Still In Jail (VIDEO)

(Republican Party News) – President Donald Trump recently held a rally in the city of Sarasota, Florida where he demanded to know the identity of the killer who ended the life of Ashli Babbitt. Trump then pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of protesters on January 6 being jailed while violent offenders who are part of Black Lives Matter and Antifa were not treated the same way after all the 2020 riots.

“Who shot Ashli Babbitt? Who shot Ashli Babbitt? Who? Who Shot Ashli Babbitt?” Trump went on to ask. “We all saw the hand. We saw the gun.”

According to the Gateway Pundit, Trump also revealed that he spoke with Babbitt’s mother “the other day” and stated that she’s an incredible woman who is still going through the grieving process and is still devastated by the loss “like it happened yesterday.”

“If that were on the other side, the person that did the shooting would be strung up and hung,” the president said, adding, “Now, they don’t want to give the name, but people know the name. People know where he came from.”

Trump then stated that there wasn’t any reason for the shooting to have happened in the first place and said the name of the shooter has “got to be released.”

“And how come so many people are still in jail over January 6, when nobody paid a price for the fire, carnage and death that took place in Democrat run cities throughout our country, including Antifa and BLM? How come?” Trump then asked. “How come?”

Babbitt was killed after being shot through a window on a closed door by a Capitol Police Officer. The woman appeared to be standing behind a group of individuals who were trying to get into the chamber.

Police officers had barricaded the doors in order to keep protesters out and then drew their weapons, which is the point where things went from bad to worse. They then opened fire and shot Babbitt in the neck. She was wheeled out of the Capitol building on a stretcher drenched in her blood and later pronounced dead.

It’s been five months and we still do not have the shooter’s name. If this had been a police shooting with a black victim, we’d know the shooter’s name and every member of his family to boot.

There’s some information going around, according to another report from GP, that the man (screen shot here) who shot Babbitt was actually a member of Mike Pence’s security detail. Apparently the same man also left his loaded service pistol in a Capitol bathroom once.

It is absolutely time to release the name of the shooter in this tragic incident. And the individual responsible for Babbitt’s death deserves to be punished for his poor choices that day.

It’s critical this happen to provide closure for Babbitt’s family.

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  1. This is just so much political-speak. They are covering up this killing of an ex-soldier who was unarmed and was given no demands or instructions before being fatally shot by a DC Officer. Had this been a White Officer killing a Black veteran female he would have been arrested that day and by now would be serving time in prison. Instead the Officer is Black and the Veteran in a white female who wasn’t armed nor was she told to stop what she was doing before being shot and killed.

  2. Not only are they covering it up, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone that Nancy was involved and this was part of their plan. Evil is all around us.


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