Pro-Antifa Teacher Given Massive Payday

(Republican Party News) – After being exposed by Project Veritas as an unhinged leftist and facing national backlash, Natomas Unified School District and Inderkum High School teacher Gabriel Gipe have reached an agreement and he will no longer be employed by the district.

Since it’s nearly impossible to fire a teacher in the state of California, the district and Gipe had to come to an agreement for him to accept his prospective firing. This came in the form of a three-year salary payout and his resignation. In January, officials agreed to pay Gipe $190,000, according to settlement records the district provided in response to a California Public Records Act request from the Sacramento Bee.

According to the documents, the payout was taxed and Gipe ended up with checks totaling around $100,000. His annual salary was around $60,000.

There is no indication regarding whether or not Gipe plans to seek another teaching job in another district but as part of the settlement, Natomas Unified School District is barred from discussing the details of Gipe’s separation with any potential new employers.

Gipe’s forced resignation came just four months after Project Veritas caught him on video saying that he had 180 day to “scare the s***” out of his students in order to make them into “revolutionaries,” among many other disturbing and unhinged comments.

After the undercover video of Gipe was released and spread all across the internet, there was national debate over what the school district should do. The district saw this debate firsthand during a raucous school board meeting where emotions ran high.

The district made a quick decision to fire Gipe and compiled a dossier outlining the case against him which included his inappropriate indoctrinating of students with far-left ideology as well as evidence that he was not meeting the standards for teachers in the district.

Reportedly, the district said Gipe had an inappropriate teaching style and that he failed to prepare students to pass an exam that would earn them college credit.

Superintendent Chris Evans said the decision to pay Gipe to leave came down to basic math.

Gipe was ordered to be put on administrative leave during any investigation and related hearings. These types of processes can take a year or longer and that doesn’t even include the appeals process which can drag on for several more months and cost the district tens of thousands in attorney fees.

The judge’s rulings were in line with California’s education code, which details how teachers can be disciplined and dismissed. “California is not an easy place to fire a teacher,” Evans said. “I think everyone knows that.”

Ultimately, the district said Gipe engaged in “immoral conduct” and “dishonesty,” and cited him for “evident unfitness for service.” Those citations are the technical grounds for termination.

The Sacramento Bee further reports:

The district’s investigation revealed that the teacher rejected the typical AP Government course curriculum and instead led freewheeling lectures about communism, earning him nicknames including “Papa Lenin” and “Daddy Marx.” The district also said Gipe created an unwelcoming environment for students and, at one point, posted photos of students who expressed conservative ideas on a political compass on the wall next to a swastika. He vowed to move everyone to the left by the end of their course, students told district investigators.

Gipe crossed the line, the district said, by trying to persuade students — children — to adopt leftist ideas in a high school setting where they cannot simply change majors or opt out.

“You used your position of authority with a captive audience of impressionable teenagers to promote your own political ideology, including advocating or teaching communism with the intent to indoctrinate or inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism,” the district wrote.

In one of the most widely criticized exercises, Gipe had students take a political affiliation quiz to determine where they landed on a political spectrum. Gipe then posted photos of the students on a makeshift compass on the wall, with a sickle and hammer representing communism on the left and a swastika depicting fascism on the right.

It’s imperative that teachers like Gipe are identified and rooted out of the public education system in the US, which is plagued with enough problems as it is.

This kind of “education” is totally inappropriate. Students should not be forced to be exposed to leftist indoctrination and be made to feel uncomfortable, out of place, or persecuted.

Leftists have for far too long controlled the education system in the US and it’s time for that to come to an end. The future of America depends on it.

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