BREAKING: Elections Expert Delivers HUGE Update Concerning AZ Audit

(Republican Party News) – On Monday, Professor David Clements made an appearance on the Pete Santilli Show where he gave an update on the election audit that is still going on in Maricopa County, Arizona and then also went on to explain what has inspired him to uncover the truth.

According to Gateway Pundit, Clements is a law professor who works at the New Mexico State University. He’s also a former Deputy District Attorney and has worked for the 12th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, he’s also been a Senior Trial Attorney for both the 3rd and 6th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and is the founder of The Professor’s Record website.

“In April, Dr. Clements was a guest speaker at the Regent University Robertson School of Government’s symposium on election integrity in America today. Clements discussed the cowardice in the American judicial system. He noted that not a single electoral fraud case was given an evidentiary hearing in the US following the 2020 election despite the thousands of pages of evidence and hundreds of witnesses,” the report says.

“Clements discussed his history as an investigator and what caused him to start digging into the 2020 election. After he continued to see more and more censorship of the truth, slandering of credible professionals, and bogus excuses from the government and the courts, he understands that this election was compromised and it’s another deep-state plot,” the story continues.

“So the question is not so much ‘what is the remedy?’ It’s ‘Why haven’t these institutions acted on black letter law?’ And the answer to that is that they’re corrupt, they’ve been compromised. So, my prescription from all this is I’m not going to waste my time in a corrupt court system, what I’m going to do is bypass that court system and go to the court of public opinion. And that’s where you’re instrumental, why, all of these other folks that I won’t even call them second-tier social media but we’ve had to get around platform suppression, and find patriots that are consumed with finding out what the truth is. And collectively, you all are the only chance that we’ve got in getting the message out,” Clements said.

“And I’m encouraged enough because we’re on the cusp of having the Maricopa report published, and it’s going to be a bombshell. I mean, there’s just no doubt about it. I’ve been privy to some of the findings that are going to be released and people aren’t going to believe just how bad Maricopa is. People are expecting it to be bad. It’s far worse than anything I could have imagined. Oh, it’s terrible,” he continued.

An example of the kind of evidence that has been discovered involving voter fraud in the state of Arizona is the watermarks on some of the ballots, which was uncovered by Jovan Pulitzer.

“Jovan Pulitzer surprised us all once again and likely scared the hell out of any election fraudsters in the process. In a video he released Wednesday on Twitter, Jovan explained that identifying markings are in fact on the ballots and are exactly what they were looking for during the audit! He explained it wasn’t bamboo paper as audit detractors claimed, and it wasn’t secret “watermarks” either,” GP reported.

This was a secret printer identifying protocol that was established quite a bit of time ago by the Secret Service to help nab counterfeiters.

“The matrix decodes the placement of the markings and reveals the precise identity of the printer by serial number along with the exact date and time the document was printed,” the report stated (screen shots here and here).

So what this really demonstrates is that there is a lot more to a forensic audit than just counting ballots over and over again. There are a lot of different things these auditors are looking for that could uncover a plethora of different techniques used to help the Democratic Party cheat.

Regardless, we have to uncover the truth about what happened during the 2020 election. We have to know this information so we can pass legislation to ensure that this kind of fraud does not happen ever again. And we need to throw the book at folks who engaged in fraudulent practices so we can deter others from trying the same thing later down the road.

The integrity of our election system depends totally on our getting the truth here and now, no matter how long it takes.

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  1. Ok, I’m old, and a bit slow, but is he saying that there are ballots that were fraudulently printed? Is he saying that they can pin point the exact printer that was used to make these counterfeit ballots? If so, let the games begin!

    • Yes , Walter.
      That is what he is Saying…. And yes, Walter that is the contention.
      And Yes Walter the exact Printer CAN be Identified, And if it is NOT the printer that was Owned by the company that was Paid for Printing Those ballots, Then the election MUST be Invalidated…. How-Some-ever, No evidence was ever examined, by any court in the Land, Contentions and Evidence were Simply Pooh-Pooh’d by those with the RESPONSIBILITY to SEE and EXAMINE, in other words they WOULD NOT LOOK, Because they did not want to SEE.

  2. The voting was massive fraud on every front! They had people driving ballots in from other states but the most telling part is the very paper the illegal ballots were printed on was proven to be fraudulent! It’s like trying to buy something with a counterfeit dollar bill. The exact paper is only provided by the US Treasury and sooner or later they figure out there’s a counterfeiter out there passing off counterfeit bills. It’s hard to detect to an average cashier although if it’s a $100 bill they. usually mark thru it to make sure it’s a valid bill from the US Treasury. This election was stolen, pure and simple and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Too many irregular things went on. Why no VOTER ID? So they could cheat and EVERYONE has a valid ID of sorts otherwise they couldn’t own a car, a house, pay for a hospital bill, go on vacation, pay for a hotel, have insurance and thousands of other things you need an ID for.

  3. Question: How does identifying the printer of the paper ballot establish that it was a fake ballot?
    Answer: It doesn’t. Legal ballots have to be printed too.

    • true ballots are “Imprinted”, fake ballots are “Printed”,,, semantics.
      the difference is true ballots were imprinted on old style mechanical presses, on specific paper, with specific ink, as specified by the state involved…. fake ballots were Ink jetted or ion dot “printed” on cheesy paper, with cheesy ink,
      of the sort made popular with cheesy electronic printers common around computers…. And duplicating ballots {like when you run out} is Illegal even for a poll-worker {which I am } , If I am getting short of Blank Ballots, I must get more from the county Voting Office, at the county seat, A deputy-Sheriff, drives them over, Even if I had a printer on Site, they would Not be Legal,. they would be felonious-ly duplicated,. Illegal ballots….

      • and Truthfully Spoindexter, I take my Position seriously, for a very serious reason…. I want MY vote to count Just Like I want YOUR vote to count…. If My guy/Gal, Loses legitimately…. so be It…. if my Guy/Gal loses do to fraud ?….
        well you Have just “STOLEN” My Vote, and my RIGHT under the Constitution of These United states….AND I WANT MY POUND OF FLESH…. And if you are Obstructing,…. a legitimate investigation into Voting IRREGULARITIES…. YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE !….
        ALL Elections Should be Forensically audited Automatically,…. Just to be sure that they are legitimate!.

  4. The demonRATS have thought long and hard on ways to cheat the system and Arizona is doing all it can to throw out the frauds. Next they need to find the ones creating the fraud and arrest them. If they can identify the printer then they should have the culprit.


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