PUPPET PRESIDENT: Biden Releases Photo Of Him Signing Blank Sheet Of Paper

(Republican Party News) – It’s hard to say which aspect of the Joe Biden presidency is most absurd. The fact that he usurped the White House fraudulently? That he has obvious dementia? Or that he’s a complete puppet?

When you put it all together, no wonder the US is the laughing stock of the entire world.

Meanwhile, Biden tries to act tough though it’s mostly comical and embarrassing. In his latest effort to appear serious about the Russian attack on Ukraine, Biden released some propaganda Tuesday showing him signing something clearly important.

The only problem, upon closer inspection of the picture, it’s clear that Biden is pretending to sign a blank piece of paper. He’s not even trying to pretend to be the legitimate leader of the US anymore.

“I just spoke with President Zelenskyy to discuss our continued support for Ukraine — including security assistance and humanitarian aid — as it defends itself against Russian aggression. We will hold Russia accountable, and our sanctions are already having a devastating impact,” Biden tweeted along with the picture of himself about to doodle.

It’s clear from a close-up that Biden is not about to sign anything and that the paper is obviously blank.

Most interesting is the fact that Biden is not even seated in the Oval Office, you know, the place where US presidents traditionally do important work. For all we know, the entire conversation with Zelenskyy could be made up too.

There is an outrageous amount of propaganda regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict circulating social media and mainstream news outlets. It’s only fitting for the puppet usurper-in-chief to get in on the misinformation trend. Misinformation is, after all, the Biden regime’s specialty.

Not only does the regime pump out misinformation and down-right lies on a daily basis, it’s become abundantly clear that Biden is not the one calling the shots in DC.

There has been a lot of speculation concerning who is actually in control of the US under the Biden façade and the most likely scenario is that former president Barack Obama is behind the curtain.

Obama has always been a socialist, globalist commie and everything the Biden regime is doing is moving the US closer and closer to an all-out totalitarian regime. Not only that but if something isn’t done, 2024 may be too late to fix the damage caused by Biden and his cohorts.

The destruction of the US is exactly what globalists like Obama want. Bringing America to its knees is the only way to accomplish the New World Order’s takeover of humanity.

The entire COVID charade was an exercise by the globalists in control and now Biden is their puppet in the destruction of the US. He is a despicable man but the real evil are the ones in the shadows, pulling the strings.

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  1. Why doesn’t any of this surprise me! This whole party is one big farce. Nothing is real anymore. We are all being taken for suckers, but they don’t know we’re on to their game. Time will tell, time will tell!


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