Radical Left YouTube Purges DeSantis Video With Health Experts On COVID-19 For Violating Policy On “Medical Misinformation”

(Republican Party News) – The left claims to be the “party of science” but all too often they completely disregard science to promote their crooked, radical agenda.

While pretending to care about what the “experts” say, it’s become painfully obvious that leftists only care what “some” experts say and those experts must support their already established narratives.

Any doctor or scientist, for example, who dares suggest that masks or lockdowns are unnecessary or even harmful is immediately targeted by Big Tech and silenced.

That’s exactly what has happened to a video from March featuring a panel discussion hosted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and numerous health experts from highly reputable institutions like Oxford, Harvard and Stanford.

The advice of these health experts, however, violates the left’s COVID narrative and agenda and therefore the video has been purged from far-left YouTube.

YouTube’s chief complaint against the video is that the panel experts contend that children don’t need to wear masks. A representative for the video-sharing platform says that the experts’ position on masks violated YouTube’s “COVID-19 medical misinformation” policies.

The panel members included former White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University, Oxford epidemiologist Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Harvard professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford.

The American Institute for Economic Research posted the clip to YouTube and has also made it available on its website.

The YouTube spokesperson said the company “has clear policies around COVID-19 medical misinformation to support the health and safety of our users.”

So now YouTube is run by medical experts? YouTube is in the business of determining what information is medically sound and appropriate for Americans to consume? YouTube gets to decide what medical experts and doctors are worthy of having their opinions heard?

How on earth is this “following the science” or “listening to the experts?”

YouTube claims that the video was removed because it “included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Of course, this is untrue. There are hundreds of thousands of medical and scientific experts from all around the US and the world who agree that masks are futile and that healthy people, especially children, should not have to wear them.

You just don’t get to hear from those experts because they have been routinely and immediately silenced and shut down by the radical left and the Big Tech oligarchy.

The YouTube statement went on to say that they do allow some videos to remain on their platform despite violating their rules “if they contain sufficient educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context.”

So a group of medical experts from some of the world’s most prestigious and reputable institutions do not constitute as providing “educational context?”

It’s just another attack on freedom of thought and real medical facts and science by the far left. The Big Tech oligarchy has been determined to control the COVID-19 narrative from the beginning and their agenda is most certainly no secret.

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  1. Looks like YouTube has become as disgusting as CNN
    and MSNBC. These LEFTIST really do not think there
    are any boundaries they can not cross. Of course, that
    does not apply to the RIGHT. If the Right even blinks
    wrong they will be burned at the stake for having the
    audacity to blink without permission. The LEFT has gone
    way over the edge of sanity and they need to be locked
    up until they regain said sanity. Time for the Right to turn
    them off. All I have to say to them is “Go _ _ _ _ yourself.”

    • so, you tube and twitter and facebook, now have board certafied scientist on their payroll, to debunk lies? who’s going to Fact Check them?


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