Radio Host John Fredericks Says Raffensperger’s Office Tried To Intimidate Election Witness To Recant Her Statement On Fraudulent Ballots

(Republican Party News) – Tuesday night, Real Clear Investigations dropped a major bombshell report claiming that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office tampered with boxes of sealed ballots that had been reported by election workers as being “pristine.”

The ballots being described as “pristine” during a hand recount of the election in November is significant because of the fact that these particular ballots were mail-in ballots.

That means they should have folds and creases proving they were, in fact, mailed to voters and then mailed back. These ballots, however, were devoid of any such folds and creases and observers testified that they appeared to have been run through a photocopy machine.

Why was Raffensperger’s staff investigating these ballots, especially after a judge had put a protective order on the ballots, meaning no one was allowed to touch them at all?

Also, if state officials were simply investigating these allegations of “pristine” unfolded ballots, why did they never make the findings of their investigation known to the public or disclose it to the judge presiding over the lawsuit against the state for access to the ballots?

Raffensperger’s corrupt office didn’t stop there. They then tried to intimidate the witnesses who claimed to have seen these ballots, like Suzi Voyle, whose sworn affidavit has been used in the aforementioned lawsuit against the state.

On Wednesday, in light of this new information, Georgia radio host John Fredericks joined Steve Bannon on his podcast The War Room to discuss this latest revelation of corrupt behavior in Georgia.

Fredericks asserted that not only was it incredibly shady that Raffensperger’s office went and unsealed boxes of ballots but it was actually illegal activity.

He pointed out that Raffensperger allegedly “sent someone in against the judge’s order to unseal a batch of ballots that was in Suzi Voyle’s affidavits.”

Fredericks continued, saying they were sent in “to go check on them to see if what she was saying was accurate… This is a violation of law. That’s got to be looked into.”

If Raffensperger’s staff went in and broke the seal on the ballot box to “inspect” the ballots after the judge ordered that the ballots were not to be touched, that is certainly an infraction of the law.

Fredericks questioned, “When did they go there? How many did they look at? What law did they break?” and then revealed that Raffensperger’s office “called in Susie Voyles and tried to intimidate her. They tried repeatedly to get her to recant her statement. She said I can’t recant my statement, it’s a signed affidavit. If I recant my statement I break the law… What she said was true.”

Voyle would effectively have to perjure herself to recant her statement contained within her sworn affidavit.

It sure sounds like Raffensperger and his office are desperate for everyone to look the other way on the issue of the “pristine” mail-in ballots though they may have already manipulated the ballots, hiding the evidence of fraud.

Raffensperger and his office need to be investigated. They clearly believe that they are above the law.

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