Redistricting Battle: Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of GOP

(Republican Party News) – The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that’s going to be a major benefit for Republicans in a case concerning redistricting in the state of South Carolina. As usual, angry leftists immediately blew their tops after the decision, claiming it was motivated by racism. Because when you have no actual argumentation to oppose a ruling you don’t like, you must play the race card. It’s standard Democrat strategy.

Warner Todd Huston, a writer for The Western Journal, wrote that both Democrats and the NAACP had taken the legislature’s redistricting map to court, making the claim that upon viewing it, the map appeared to be racist. Of course, a lower court was in full agreement with this assessment, going on to inform the legislature that the map violated the Constitution.

You ever notice how the only time liberal Democrats legitimately acknowledge the existence of the Constitution is when they can twist it to fit their agenda? Other than that it might as well not exist.

“The state, though, appealed the decision to the nation’s highest court and in a 6-3 decision, the court sided with conservatives and ruled that the lower court was wrong, that the map was not created to discriminate against minority voters, according to Fox News,” Huston penned in his article on the ruling.

Writing for the majority, Judge Alito went on to state, “a party challenging a map’s constitutionality must disentangle race and politics if it wishes to prove that the legislature was motivated by race as opposed to partisanship. Second, in assessing a legislature’s work, we start with a presumption that the legislature acted in good faith.”

“In this case, which features a challenge to South Carolina’s redistricting efforts in the wake of the 2020 census, the three-judge District Court paid only lip service to these propositions,” Alito added. “That misguided approach infected the District Court’s findings of fact, which were clearly erroneous under the appropriate legal standard.”

“No direct evidence supports the District Court’s finding that race predominated in the design of District 1,” the SCOTUS justice continued. “The circumstantial evidence falls far short of showing that race, not partisan preferences, drove the districting process.”

“We should not be quick to hurl such accusations at the political branches,” Alito wisely declared, making a reference to accusations of racism aimed at the state’s Republican leaders.

Much of the redistricting controversy is centered around the district represented by Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, which the state GOP wanted to strengthen. The district began its journey away from Democrat control back in 2018. After the census in 2020, the state Republican Party made moves to provide Mace with a touch more security in her district.

“With the district already trending away from Democrats, state Republicans claim they intended to move to speed that shift with their new map. Their goal, they said, was purely political and had nothing at all to do with race,” Huston remarked in the article. “Despite the lower court’s ruling that the map was discriminatory, the court also allowed the state to use the districting this year because it was too late to change things in time for the 2024 election. But now that ruling is nullified because the upper court found the lower court’s invalidation of the map to be incorrect.”

The important thing to note is that nothing was going to change for the 2024 election coming up in just a matter of months.

“The South Carolina Republicans behind the map said that their sole goal was to increase Republican votes in the district they remapped, and that they had no intention of denuding minorities of any power. And while the high court agreed that there was no evidence that race formed the basis for the remapping, liberals disagreed that there was any distinction at all,” the report revealed.

Liberals immediately boohooed about the distinction made by the high court in the case, saying it would have a devastatingly negative impact on additional challenges made to redistricting. In other words, this move would provide their political opposition with greater strength, making it more difficult for them to take it back and they don’t like that. Of course, if things were slanted in their favor, they’d be all about it.

“The bar keeps on getting moved, and it keeps getting harder and harder for plaintiffs to uproot racial discrimination,” Leah Aden, a lawyer with the Legal Defense Fund civil rights group, explained, as per NBC News.

“Left-wing Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan also blasted the majority decisions and stated it was a roadmap for race-based redistricting and biased elections,” Huston reported.

“What a message to send to state legislators and mapmakers about racial gerrymandering,” she whined in the dissenting opinion, going on to add that the decision tells politicians who “might want to straight-up suppress the electoral influence of minority voters” that they should just “Go right ahead.”

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