Rep. Paul Gosar Demands Answers On “Execution” Of Veteran Ashli Babbitt From Swamp Creature Chris Wray

(Republican Party News) – Transparency has been a serious issue in the US ever since Joe Biden and the Democrats usurped power. That’s because the federal government is thoroughly corrupt.

It’s become painfully obvious that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was led by FBI operatives. This theory is supported by the fact that FBI Director Christopher Wray has been less than forthcoming and honest in his attempts to maintain the left’s narrative that the incident was a “violent insurrection attempt” by Trump supporters.

The evidence just doesn’t support a word out of Wray’s mouth, yet he refuses to depart from the set course, even when given the opportunity to be truthful.

He has lied through his teeth repeatedly before Congress. On Tuesday, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) attempted to get to the truth about veteran Ashli Babbitt’s execution at the Capitol but Wray just continued to lie.

Gosar asked Wray why the Capitol Police officer who “appeared to be hiding, lying in wait, gave no warning before killing her” has not been identified yet while “police officers around the country are routinely identified after a shooting?”

“I won’t comment on that case,” Wray said in typical fashion, “It’s not something we’ve been directly involved in so I can’t agree or disagree with your characterization.”

Gosar then attempted to ask if Wray approved of “lethal force against unarmed citizens especially 110 pound women with no warning, no prior use of nonlethal force while lying in wait?”

The despicable FBI Director responded, “I’m not going to try to answer a hypothetical.”

Gosar snapped back that it “wasn’t a hypothetical. That’s actually what happened.” Indeed, it was exactly what happened to Babbitt. She was shot in cold blood, with no warning, no prior attempts to use nonlethal force, no attempts made whatsoever to arrive at a different outcome.

She was just shot and killed while standing in the Capitol, with no weapon and posing no physical threat to anyone around her.

Chris Wray is just a corrupt swamp creature who will do and say anything to protect the left’s unraveling narrative about Jan. 6.

Prior to his line of questioning on Ashli Babbitt, Gosar attempted to ask Wray a simple “yes or no” question and asked if Wray thought that the American people deserved to know the truth about Jan. 6 and had the right to see the 14,000 hours of video footage from that day.

Wray, naturally, would not give a yes or no answer and, instead, rambled on about having to carefully protect ongoing investigations.

In other words, no, Wray does not feel the American people have a right to know the truth or see the video footage.

Wray also doesn’t feel that Ashli Babbitt’s family deserves justice.

On Monday, Babbitt’s husband Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Terrell Roberts joined Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, to discuss their ongoing difficulties in obtaining any information regarding her death and the identity of her government-employed killer.

During the conversation, Carlson asked Roberts about reports that a Capitol Police officer left his loaded gun in a restroom on Jan. 6 and wondered if Roberts believed that to be the same officer who shot and killed Babbitt.

Roberts said, “That’s my belief. That’s my belief.”

All Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Roberts can do is surmise as to the identity of Ashli Babbitt’s killer since his identity is being protected at all costs by all branches of the federal government.

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  1. WHY not LOCK him up for PEJURY as WELL as SEDITION an TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution?!? . . . Let’s get to JUSTICE on this and QUIT politicizing it! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  2. “WHOAAAAA NELLIE”!!! Hold the phone, folks! It’s not just the “TRAITOR”, CHRISTHOPER WRAY, It’s many others in the FBI as well!
    Especially those that have kept their mouths “SHUT”!!! And, let’s not forget the DOJ!!! There’s “TRAITOR”, WILLIAM BARR!!! What a “PATHETIC JOKE” he is?!!? Has anyone seen, heard about or know where “THE PRIME DOJ INVESTOR”, JOHN DURHAM is????? He’s another “TRAITOR” for sure!!!
    He’s probably working on his ‘book’ like so many others are in “TODAY’S TIMES”?!!? “JUSTICE” is supposed to be “BLIND”, right??? Then, there’s “BRENNER”, oh my?!!? In today’s times, there isn’t any “JUSTICE”, especially when the FBI, CIA and DOJ are all “CROOKED”; did I mention the “SUPREME COURT”?!!? Just how many more “CROOKS” can the “DEMONRATS” put on the Supreme Court to load it up?????????? This isn’t the country I fought 6 years for in Vietnam, believe me!!! Folks, our “FREEDOM”
    has a “PRICE” and it isn’t “FREE”!!!
    Send them all to “GITMO”, for sure!


  3. How can we have a safe government, when the FBI, leadership is corrupt as hell. Time to arrest that phony, swamp rat, that wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him across the face. This yahoo, must think the American people are plain stupid, to listen to his bs,and propaganda. What a zero.


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