Report Reveals New Judge In Election Case In Arizona Was Picked By Judge And Wife Of Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates

(Republican Party News) – We are living in some very strange times, folks. We are watching the American way of life be destroyed by radical leftists who have been planning to radically transform our nation for decades.

This is currently being put into motion thanks in large part to the efforts expended by the Democratic Party to steal the 2020 presidential election from Trump and hand the nation over to Joe Biden. Some say this sounds like a theory cooked up by tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who are still living at home in mom’s basement.

However, as a new report from the Gateway Pundit makes clear, that’s not the case at all. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that some form of tampering was involved in helping these states rip a second term away from former President Donald Trump.

Many of the cases being brought before courts dealing with allegations of voter fraud are being tossed out of court by judges all across the country. Want to know the real reason this is happening? It has everything to do with who appointed these judges, which is to say, rich and powerful progressives with lots of cash to throw around.

In the state of Arizona, it was a judge appointed by Obama that shot down high profile attorney Sidney Powell’s case.

And now we have recently uncovered information about how Judge Martin was chosen for the election court case in the state of Arizona after Judge Coury recused himself of his involvement in the case. If you recall, Martin was selected for his post by former Gov. Janet Napolitano.

“Our reporter made a couple of phone calls to determine who chose Napolitana-appointed Judge Martin to handle this election case in Arizona,” the report said, adding, The first call made was to the office of Judge Pamela Gates. It apparently is currently her responsibility to appoint judges in civil cases in the state. Here is a portion of Judge Gates’ bio from the States website,” the report continues.

Judge Pamela Gates was appointed by Governor Jan Brewer in September 2009 to serve on the Maricopa County Superior Court. Judge Gates currently serves as the Civil Presiding Judge. Prior to her rotation to the Civil Department in June 2018, Judge Gates served as the Associate Presiding Judge of the Criminal Department.

“A call was made to Judge Gate’s office, the woman who answered the phone said that it is Judge Gates’ responsibility to appoint judges to civil cases in Arizona, except for election and related audit cases. This lady shared that for the current election audit case, it was Judge Thomason who selected Judge Martin for the case,” GP’s report reveals.

A call was then placed to Judge Thomasin’s office. The lady who picked up the phone stated that for current cases John Thomason didn’t pick the new judge for the case. The woman on the other end of the call then stated that the judge’s name was given to their office and Thomason then revealed the information on who the judge was.

She also said that for recusals, it’s the presiding judge who appoints the next judge. It was Judge Gates who provided Martin’s name.

For those who don’t know, Judge Gates is married to Bill Gates, the supervisor for Maricopa County. Below is a financial disclosure where the judge shares her relationship status with Mr. Gates.

The American Bar Association has a code of conduct that all attorneys must obey and live by. A judge must also avoid participating in any sort of impropriety, including even the appearance of doing so.

“Judge Gates has a clear conflict, if not an obvious appearance of conflict, in any cases related to Maricopa County elections and audit. She never should have selected Judge Martin for the current case. She should be recused and Judge Martin should be recused and a new independent judge should pick an independent judge to oversee this case,” the report says.

So Judge Pamela Gates is married to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Bill Gates, who just happens to be the one who chose the individual to preside over the election audit case.

Gates is a critical piece of the group that is trying to undermine the audit at every step along the process. I’m sure there’s nothing shady going on about all of this…

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