REVEALED: Here’s One Of The Border Patrol Agents Who Stopped Uvalde Shooter… And The Injuries He Received

(Republican Party News) – There are still so many unanswered questions regarding the shooting that took place last week at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Why did local law enforcement essentially refuse to take action and pursue the shooter?

Why were little children allowed to be maniacally gunned down while law enforcement stood outside, refusing to let anyone in the school? How many children could have been saved from their injuries had there been a quicker, more appropriate response?

We may never have the answer to those questions but one thing we do know is that the school shooter was eventually taken down by a Border Patrol agent who had grown frustrated with being forced to wait outside and do nothing.

This agent sustained injuries in the chaos of trying to stop the slaughter.

According to KSAT-TV in San Antonio, Texas, images of the unnamed agent were released to ABC News. The images show the head wound the agent reportedly sustained during the shootout, as well as a baseball cap with a hole in it.

The agent is a member of an elite Border Patrol tactical unit known as BORTAC and agents of this group exchanged fire with 18-year-old Salvador Ramos just before he was ultimately killed by the unknown agent.

National security professional Alex Plitsas said it right when he tweeted the photos of the agent’s injury and said, “The word Hero is overused. Not in this case.”

The agent’s hat was ripped by a bullet, according to the Washington Examiner:

Had the bullet hit the agent just one inch in a different direction it could have been the agent who ended up dead rather than the shooter.

The BORTAC agents entered the school “on their own initiative” after growing frustrated and anxious by the slow to non-existent response of local police, according to NBC News’ Ken Dilanian.

The agents had become irritated with local law enforcement’s insistence that they remain outside. According to National Review, after 30 minutes had gone by, they entered Robb Elementary School and breached the classroom, eventually putting an end to the entire ordeal.

In the aftermath, the Texas Department of Public Safety was forced to admit that the lack of any attempt to engage the shooter in the school where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed, “was the wrong decision.”

There were certainly some major missteps by local law enforcement, to say the least. There were many officers who just stuck by the order they were given while children were being murdered inside the school and left to bleed out.

Parents begged and pleaded with law enforcement officers to do something or even just to let them go in themselves, but officers refused to be moved.

BORTAC agents, however, ignored orders and took action, doing what was needed.

It’s unfathomable how any law enforcement officers could simply stand by while there was an active shooter inside an elementary school.

“The devastating injuries that many of those kids sustained, there’s no doubt some of those children bled to death while waiting for police to make entry,” said CNN law enforcement analyst and former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey.

“There’s just no question in my mind that probably took place. There’s no way you can justify that.”

Indeed, there is no defense for the inaction of law enforcement during this event.

Thank God for the BORTAC agents and their refusal to stand idly by.

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  1. I read an article where it was reported that one of the teacher’s killed was working with children with physical and levels of intelligence problems so if this is true, that shooter really had a bunch of kids who couldn’t even get away from him if they tried, they were not capable of mental and physical escape reasoning. That is a really good reason to make sure the killer is dead, he can’t hurt any more kids no matter the capable or non capable condition they have. Maybe this killer knew that classroom was there and headed for it since he had gone to the school.

  2. With the way that the politicians and judicial community has gone soft on criminal activity lately, It is no wonder that things like this and other acts of criminal behavior are now becoming common place especially in the Democratic controlled cities and states.

  3. Wow what filth has been implanted in our police departments. So glad the free minded border agent took action. We need more men like him that dont follow blindly.

  4. This Border Agent doing his duty putting himself in harms way rising above all the idle others and getting
    the job done is HEROIC ACTION!!! He is the model all law enforcement should emulate !!!!! BORTAC
    AGENTS!!!! These law enforcement agents don’t get near enough credit for all they endure trying to keep .
    our borders safe….with absolutely no help from the Biden Bunch except abuse on a daily basis. It’s a huge
    disgrace what Biden is doing to them and our southern border. Some day he will answer for it….I would
    NOT like being in his shoes …..shame shame shame !!!!!


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