Roger Stone Floats Matt Gaetz As Possible Trump Successor In 2024

(Republican Party News) – Roger Stone is a longtime friend and associate of President Donald Trump who was pardoned by his compatriot before the latter left office at the end of last year after being made a scapegoat in the Spygate scandal.

He is a devout born-again Christian and one of the most vocal supporters of the American First agenda and now, he’s commenting on who he thinks might stand a chance on a 2024 ballot were the former president not to run for the White House a third time.

Stone pointed to fellow Floridian Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who also has been a committed supporter of Trump’s America First agenda, even to the point of challenging him on it himself when it came to the president’s war powers.

“As far as whether the president is going to run again, he seems to be teasing that he may, if he does he can count on me,” Stone told Steve Malzberg in an interview with Russia Today.

He committed to supporting such a potential run, but noted that we’re still away off from the next general election.

“I will be there. But if he does not, four years is a very long time, even in American politics,” he said.

“If he elects not to run, well, then, those of us who support his agenda, the America First agenda, we need to have a back-up candidate,” Stone continued. “We need to have someone who can win a general election on the same platform that Donald Trump won on.”

The longtime political consultant explained that he thinks Gaetz could be the right man for the job. He described the Florida congressman as a “scrapper” and a “brawler.”

Big League Politics notes that they’ve been closely covering Gaetz breakout into the political arena, during which time he has been “a political maverick, being one of the few pro-Trump voices with the courage to oppose the former president if he felt Trump was straying from his ‘America First’ mandate.”

In January of 2020, Gaetz supported a war powers resolution that would have stripped POTUS of his powers to attack Iran without a formal declaration of war from Congress.

The former president himself was an avid proponent of the U.S. getting entangled in foreign wars to begin with, and Gaetz has almost always been in lockstep with POTUS, yet this move drew ire from fellow conservatives.

“Matt Gaetz, a Republican who the president has spoken out in support of, Gaetz himself has been supportive of the president, and then today, to go along in a symbolic B.S. resolution vote against the president?” Lou Dobbs said scathingly on his program at the time.

“It’s mind-boggling to me, and certainly it’s gonna damage his credibility among conservative allies and people that have supported him, including us,” Republican consultant Ed Rollins commented in response to Dobbs.

Gaetz, for his part, pointed to President Trump’s own anti-war platform.

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