Rush Limbaugh Laid to Rest in St. Louis Cemetery

(Republican Party News) – Rush Limbaugh was a conservative legend in America. He was an iconic figure that taught many of us how to fight in the face of political adversity. His words were daily reminders that we weren’t alone and that there were millions of other like-minded patriots out there.

He was a unifying presence in the conservative scene and showed how to stand for one’s deeply held convictions. While he has passed on, his legacy lives on and it’s now that we conservatives must take everything he taught us and put it into action.

The radical left is knocking on our doors and now is not the time for complacency or apathy. Now is the time for action. Now is the time to stand up and fight for the conservative values and principles that have held America together for generations.

Rush Limbaugh was laid to rest during a private ceremony at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday, the Southeast Missourian reports.

The outlet reports that the north St. Louis County cemetery was closed to the public for several hours Wednesday. There were around 40 family members and dignitaries in attendance and all were required to clear security before being allowed in.

While many were expecting Limbaugh to be buried in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, MO, he will instead lay alongside some of St. Louis’s most famous residents. Limbaugh’s widow, Kathryn, informed the Southeast Missourian that a virtual ceremony is yet to come.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) said in a statement, “Missouri’s native son Rush Limbaugh was laid to rest today. Rush’s legacy in our state and across the nation will not be forgotten.”

On February 17, Limbaugh passed away at age 70 after a difficult battle with advanced stage 4 lung cancer since January 2020.

For 32 years he was the host of The Rush Limbaugh show and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump during the State of the Union on February 4, 2020, just days after he announced his grim diagnosis.

Limbaugh was also an inductee into the Radio Hall of Fame since 1993 and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame since 1998. He also won the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award for Excellence in Syndicated and Network Broadcasting five times.

While he leaves behind an impressive legacy in the radio industry, his legacy of America First and conservative values and principles is what will ensure he lives on.

Right now Americans need to find inspiration to continue on despite it feeling hopeless. The values that Rush stood for and fought for are still alive and still worth fighting for.

When freedom-loving Americans finally realize our strength and power and rise up against the wicked and corrupt establishment, Limbaugh will be there in spirit.

Limbaugh was a leader within the conservative movement and though he is gone, the movement lives on and he has trained entire generations of soldiers who must now fight on to save America from the grips of the radical, unhinged left.

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  1. I will miss Rush till I die. A true patriot, innovative, intelligent, articulate, generous and kind. A fine man. He is greatly lived and missed.


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